Fall and Winter paintings public viewing in Grimes Iowa

Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year to paint. I love all the colors that happen in the fall, a beautiful simple landscape in the fall makes my heart happy!

I am so excited to get some of my paintings up in Letsch Lawfirm in Grimes Iowa. 

Winter's light

These paintings fell off my brush during a time when my soul was a bit troubled and unsettled, can you feel that when viewing these paintings? Although I was grateful to put what I felt into a painting, I was happy at how simple the emotions came out. 

Winter's blessings

I named these pieces after the fruits of my emotions, Winter's light is all about seeing things in a more positive light and different more deeper perspective. and Winter's blessings is all about the adversities we have to get the blessings from those adversities.

You can view these paintings Starting September 30th With an artist's reception on the 25th of October at Letsch Law Firm. 

I used professional Daniel Smith Primatek and Qorr watercolors for these three paintings on Arches 140lb paper.

Did you know that there is an amazon music playlist called Damsels and Dragons full of epic scores from epic movies? (It's my new favorite playlist on Amazon Music.) Which inspired these two cards, Dragons and Unicorns!

My house becomes magical when I play around with painting and stamping. Something works and I am left with a cloud nine feeling! 

These stamps are from Blue Knight Stamps,  Dragon, and Magical Unicorn. I watercolored both and used a cloud stencil for the cloud background with the unicorn.

I stamped both panels then added watercolor to it. They didn't take that long to paint, the hardest part was waiting for them to dry!

I am doing a new watercolor series, called Scatter Sunshine. (soul painting, intuitive painting) call it what you want!

I named it after a hymn that I love, and how I felt the first time I painted for the pure joy of it in a long time and then to send that to a friend. I had a wonderful spirit about me the whole day and it made my soul happy!

Really it's an intuitive practice, there is no self-criticism when I am done painting, there is no what can I learn from it, it's just art, the process of putting paint onto paper and seeing what happens.

 There are so many ways to paint and to create, I needed to re-focus on my Why I am painting instead of just painting to learn. (it's been three years since I picked up a brush and I need to feel like I am playing now more than learning.)

I feel like half the battle in learning watercolor is in the time and practice in just learning. So I will be Scattering Sunshine to those that need a little art and creativity in their life!
Because at the end of the day...

Creativity is meant to be shared.

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When it comes right down to it, Life is too short for me to keep my playful studies of watercolors! It would be nice to brighten someone else's day. Who knows if you leave me a comment on my social media channels you might get a watercolor from me!

I can't give all the credit to myself, Kateri, has helped me see the joy of painting is just to paint, and it's so addictive! Check out her lessons on her youtube channel.

Art Therapy for Stampers

I was so excited when I took a workshop with an Art therapist that I have enjoyed learning about Art Therapy!

Why Art therapy helps with anxiety and other mindfulness activities? The idea is to useArt Therapy to get to the other side of things, to help keep your emotions intact so that you can talk about your feelings through color, shapes, and lines (design elements.)

 I think Art Therapy is the best for working through your emotions. 

So here are some of my thoughts and how I am making it work with my stamp collection.

1. I wanted to use exercises from 250 brief Creative Practical Therapy Techniques 
~ I focused on the self-esteem and anxiety chapters to start with. (I did the exercises from that book that I thought would help me the most first.)

2. I found stamps and other ideas to make art journal pages, I picked the stamp because I had an emotional attachment to it, so I utilized that to help me!

3. I had absolutely no rules, just to paint, and to be mindful of what and how I was feeling when I was painting it.

4. Art Journal, I wasn't in the mindset to play with new techniques, just to play with the medium to see what happens on the paper. I wanted my stamp- art therapy session to be uplifting, and a place that would make me happier and a bit more at peace with my soul. Art Therapy with my stamping and paper supplies helps me with that!

If I liked what I painted, I did cut the paper to size and then I made them into a card.

Rainbow burst Techinique

The vibrancy and translucent properties to watercolor have makes my heart sing for sure

These cards are so easy to make!

a bit more tips on Liquid watercolor:

use lots of water and play with the water to pigment ratio!

Use a clean wet brush when changing up colors.

Learn to control liquid watercolor by learning to not control it, let the pigment blend on paper!

Keep it simple! what you are really doing is creating a wash, and playing with colors. Have fun painting and you find lots of beautiful things about watercolor!

I like to keep a stock of watercolor card panels cut to the size that I like to use, so when I want to play with color I have paper ready to go!

Use mater to create gradients with the pigment!

These paintings look like a lot of work, but I let the three pigments do all the work, I chose a Cyan, Magenta, and a Cool/Lemon Yellow. from Taylored Expressions, the colors were called Lollipop, Lemon Meringue, and Cookie Monster. So for less than $15 I can get a whole bunch of colors and play out of those tubes of liquid watercolor! So fun right?!!!

So do you use liquid watercolor? if so I would love to learn more about how you use it. If you are afraid of liquid watercolor, what is stopping you from playing with it?

Happy Painting! 

Two fold Joy: 5 Minute color meditaion

Got 5 minutes to play with color? Of course, you do!

I love color and pattern play, This is a simple 5-minute card, and yet it's so fun and artsy to make. I consider this a two-fold joy card: I get to play with color and that gets me in a happy mood, and I get to give this to my son's Speach pathologist and Occupational therapist! Win-win!

I got this Rainbow Idea from Lisa Solomon's class over at Creativebug, you guys she is amazing and so talented!

The liquid watercolor and stamps came from Taylored Expressions. I love their stamps for sentiments!

For the water media mat, I used the Waffle flower Media mat - that I love!!!
This color play is fun for art journaling as well!


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