Craft show this weekend spring 2020 preview

I just love going to the craft show of the season- all the creativity and work that artists have put together- it's amazing! go their Facebook page for all the information!

So This weekend I will be at the Iowa Fair Grounds selling my stuff- I can't wait!

I thought I would make two videos of some of the stuff I am selling!

And my cards

Winner of the Blue Knight Stamps Giveaway March 2020

Big Thank you to Blue Knight Stamps for the giveaway!

I used a name generator for the name of the giveaway- and it's one of my students-

You won the Gift package of stamps from Blue Knight Stamps- If you haven't checked out the Blue Knight Stamp you should! They have some amazing stamps that I love!

Keep Creating and painting!

Registration is now open for my Vibrant Greeting cards with Brusho

Now is your chance to:
Enter into a giveaway for 5 stamp sets from Blue Knight Stamps- Comment on this post and follow me on my blog and on Facebook 
Enter to win lifetime access to my class along with a gift package of Brushos from ColourCraft!

Here is a little bit about my class!

Brusho Cards using Taylored Expressions Stamps

Using the Mandala Stamp from Taylored Expressions
I am highlighting some of my favorite stamp companies that I love to use brushos with!

Brusho's (from ColourCraft) is a watercolor medium that activates on the paper when you add water- it's like a burst of colors! They work really well for backgrounds and I have had so much fun playing with them!

Here are some of the Stamps and stencils I have used with Taylored Expressions-

Want to learn more about Brushos- Go here- I am teaching an Online Class that I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite techniques.

Want to win my class and a Brusho Gift set?  Register for the News Letter to learn more about my class- Go here- Good Luck

In no real particular order- Here are some cards that I have used using Taylored Expressions Stamps or stencils

Using the Gifted Background stamp and simple strips

Cabbage Rose stamp

Using the Brushed Star background and a lion stamp and die combo

Pant Kindness stamp set

Sending Sunshine and the Double Diamond stencil

The background stamp is Star Fall (found the sentiment at Hobby Lobby on clearance.)

Using the Brushed Star background stamp and Look with your heart sentiment stamp set.

Big Bloom Daisy  

If you are wanting to learn from me- an avid brusho user- use CODE VGG20 to save 15% off the regular price of 39.95. You can Register here.  I would love to teach you my brusho and watercolor secrets! 

I am teaching a Vibrant Greeting cards using brushos- and a Givaway!

I am so excited to share with you my love of Brushos with you.

Which is why I created a class titled Vibrant Greeting Cards with Brushos. 

I have the class set up to learn how to use brushos in a playful fun way and then I get into the fun side of sharing the magic that brushos bring! With just over 8 hours of instructional time! (it's going to be fun!)

Stamps made with Blue Knight Stamps
Give Away Time! Blue Knight Stamps is giving away 5 sets of stamps to one lucky reader- all you have to do is comment on this blog post, and follow me on my blog and Facebook!

This is what you will come away with:
  • Create over 25 original greeting cards:
  •  Create vibrant, beautiful cards that stand out from the crowd.
  •  Lisa Christensen will help you learn to play with your brusho pigments to allow for bright and intuitive landscapes that then can be turned into stamped works of art to give to friends and family. 
  •  Create bright and fearless washes and backgrounds by using simple stamped sentiments and elements. 
  •  Learn to make 5-minute cards that look like you spent all afternoon on!
  • Learning about Lisa’s workflow will help you learn how to produce more cards in less time, and have fun along the way. 
 Along with brushos, you will be using Stamps, Stencils, and Dies making stunning cards
This self-paced course you are learning different techniques and processes to create heartfelt cards. You will love how your handcrafted cards will be treasured by friends and family.
“In the comfort of your home and at your own pace.”
Discount Code

I am giving away one of two Vibrant Greeting Cards with Brusho along with a ColourCraft Brusho Gift Set to 2 lucky winners- all you have to do for that is to Register for the giveaway here! 

Good Luck!

Here are some of the cards that I will be sharing with you in my Online Class-

using a Verigrated wash

Using a background stamp with brushos and glazing

heat emboss with a galaxy technique 

Using gel medium with stencils

Adding Bruhos to Gesso with stencils

playing around with background stamps 

I love playing with brushos and painting- this background is really fun to create! 

Using Diecut and stamp combo to make beautiful cards.
Adding brushos to create texture and controlling it. 

landscape stamps work great for brushos

I love using my tools to create new looks, using brusho to add an elegant look along with using glitter!

I hope you can join me in my class, I am so looking forward to teaching you my tricks and techniques with Brushos!

Sail Boat Sunset with brushos

I love stamps that you can color and make into a beautiful effortless card- Don't we all? I used Brillant red and lemon yellow brushes then for the distant hill I used ultramarine blue and dark brown.

I backed the paper with black card stock- Easy and vibrant!

Happy Creating!

Vibrant Brushos - Celebrate!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to be teaching an Online watercolor card class called Vibrant Greeting Cards with Brushos-

Registration opens in a week!

Taylored Expressions Designer Dangles with fabric and ribbon

A couple friends and I spend this last Saturday afternoon making earrings- I know right?!!!!  My amazing friend Jk showed me how she used Christmas ribbon to make some festive earrings, and then she said that she went out and bought some fabric-  AND the  WHOLE WIDE WORLD OF PATTERNS CAME ALIVE IN OUR MINDS!

So after playing and coming up with all the crazy combos that we could come up with we thought we needed to share the Love. So in this video, I have three examples of what we use to make earrings out of.  Fabric, and ribbon!

This is a huge game-changer, and I am totally getting some Disney fabric next time I am at the fabric store- which seems much more often now!

I would love to know if you have made these earrings? if so what material are you wanting to try?
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