Faux Leather Feather light Earings

 Faux Leather feather light earrings are so fun to wear with just about anything! I fell in love with these and want to share the love, so I am selling them to help fund my Art. When you buy one of my earrings you are supporting my art! I wanted to make these earrings into Collections. Shipping is included with the price of these beautiful earrings, Also included is the back to these fish hook earrings.

Earrings are $5 including shipping

Black and Gold Signature Collection

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Summer collection

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Play Ball Collection~ Playful Earrings with your favorite team's color!

Party It Up

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Unicorn Collection

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Signature Collection~ I will always have these available for purchase as long as I have the materials! 

Introducing the Bordeaux Collection

 Inspired by the Cork used to make these earrings.

 This Aline gold tip pair of earrings will look stunning with casual or dressed up, I made these as an everyday casual earring to dress up my hair and neck. $10

 This Elegant Dainty pair was designed for a simple yet bold statement for those days that you want a little something to complete your outfit, all the while looking stunning! $10

A more playful and elegant pair of earrings will keep you smiling all day!

Designed with the flecks of gold with the rose gold to complement each other! I designed these to brighten up my day while wearing them! $10

This Bold pair of earrings will be a show stopper if you like wearing bold gold earrings! Designed with an attractive angle to make this look like a piece of art! $10

RoseGold with this gold fleck cork has stolen my heart! Designed with wearing anything spring in mind,  and designed with Disney's Rose Gold in mind! $10

Introducing the Classic Collection. This collection has been so fun to work with if it has black or brown, (Chocolate Coffe, or Black colors with it, it's in the Classic line.) I had fun designing these with different shapes and styles! Made with Faux leather, these earrings are feather-light, included is the back for these fish hook earrings.  Named after the color that was inspired by Coffe,(dark brown) Chocolate, (light Brown) and Classic Black.

 This Beauty A-Line style of the earring was designed with sophistication in mind. I love the pink/ rose gold and black for a beautiful backdrop. $10
Rose Gold Chocolate Layered Earrings have a special place to those that have a free and imaginative heart! These are a match made in heaven! $10

Chocolate and gold layered A-line Earrings make a perfect pair for a casual outfit or for a more professional sophisticated look, this will have you covered! $10

This beautiful Coffe and Gold tip layered earrings will dangle and glisten in the sunlight making you smile brighter because of the style that these earrings bring! $10

This rose gold tip and coffee pair of earrings will be an elegant addition to most casual and dressy outfits. The layered earrings bring a sense of elegance to the earrings. $10

Rosegold, Coffe, Chevron! Yes Please, This is a designer series item, I love how the colors and the design work so well with each other! $10

Coffee and Gold Chevron designer dangles, a classic way to spruce up your wardrobe for sure!  $10

Coffee and Rose gold dainty earrings, designed with the everyday earrings in mind, this will add just the right touch to your wardrobe. $10

Chocolate and gold Triple-layered teardrop earrings will give you a bold statement to any casual outfit you own.

Silver and black classic teardrop earrings, Sparkles and leather layered together to create this beautiful set!

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