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Card Sets 
I love commissions that get to the heart of my clients.  Show you care with Thank you, Happy Birthday, Thinking of you, with my card sets. I offer  8 handmade cards for $50, Mix and match.  let me know what type of greeting cards You would like.

Card set options
Would you like Female or Male Cards
Customize inside of the card
Specific Occasion?

Custom Wreaths
There is something magical that happens when you hang a wreath on your door, it tells so much about you and your family, just by one simple accent on your door. Make your front door memorable with a custom wreath made with paper flower blooms, You choose the blooms main color and accent colors, and style of bloom, Or let me pick, you will be glad you did! 

12 inches, $45 (Most popular size )
14 inches $55
16 inches $65

Specific flowers?

Custom wedding and special occasions flowers and centerpieces
minimum order: 24 blooms.
Flowers at weddings set the mood to make it a perfect day! Paper flowers offer so much more than fresh flowers. You get to control the color, pattern, and size.  They are also the perfect Thank you gift for your guests, they can each take home a flower as a reminder of sharing your special day together!

Use paper flowers to decorate anything you need to, pew benches, table's wedding cakes, the sky is the limit!

 I hand select the perfect color, and pattern paper available, ensure the correct size of bloom to fit your need. I also custom and design the centerpieces for your occasion.

Wedding flowers
Flower type choose up to 3
Wedding colors Chose up to 3

perfect custom roses
There is nothing better than the feeling of getting roses! Make it special with the perfect color for your loved one, any shade, any pattern, I hand select the color(s) up too 3 colors
$2 per bloom minimum order of 12 roses.

Rose Bouquet
Color of roses