Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Practice Changes everything!

Don't you love when you know what artistic style you have, and then once you figure out your "style" things just happen, your art has more depth, you look like a unified artist that is on a mission? Right?

Rewind about 17 years ago when I was an art student in Omaha, I was doing a "college" tour for new students and I was asked by a father that wanted to support his daughter in the commercial art field How do you know what your style is? My simplest reply was, practice, and lots of it! He looked at me like I was CRAZY!  Partly because what does a 20-year-old know about finding your Artistic style.

Little did I know that 17 years later, the Future me (now) believes this to be the one thing that never changed. Practice changes everything.

Do you know what your style is?

You can call it Doing the work. or simply DO THE WORK. As artists and crafters, there is a magical need to put that first brush stroke on the canvas, or glue that first layer of paper. For me doing the work, fuel my creativity, and my vision of how I hope my project turns out.

To find your artistic style you simply just have to do the work, show up to paint, glue, cut, create. It's simple and yet artists do this every day to find a new breakthrough. Art, the essence of creativity in whatever you create is fostered by showing up to do the work.

What ways have you found your style?

This blog is all about learning and growing in the arts, I hope to always love watercolor and stamping and card making, however as interests change, and new tools are made, I hope to be a lifelong learner in fine arts, and crafting. I plan on taking you on this journey!

 My card making style is Elegance, not cutesy, or shabby chic, I love clean graphics that can symbolize the seasons at one glance, and yet evoke an emotion of love and kindness. Simple and open-ended enough to keep those creative juices going.

Knowing ourselves is a great way to tap into that inner artist. Does your artist love too be outside, at an art gallery, concert, with others people? My Artist always seems to be drawn to nature, If I don't get outside into nature 3-4 times a week, my inner artist is like no way am I helping you paint or create today. NOPE, not till you give me what I need, she is very much like a kid in that sense.

As for my watercolorist side me, I love the lose and flowing pieces. When I paint I want to feel a sense of peace and wonder, If I did it right that emotion will show through my paintings.

"When we show up to do the work" Like Julie Cameron suggests we are able to learn what our style is.

Warm up with greens and blues and purples

Whatever your art is, take comfort that showing up to do the work is the hardest thing to do when you feel like your in a rut. Practice makes everything better!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autum Watercolor

I believe that art should convey a feeling of peace and happiness. Fall cards are one of my absolute favorites to design with! I made these cards in mind for a fall wedding or anniversary. keeping in mind that it could be frame worthy. The elegant stamp that was used is from Penny Black Harvest. 

This card uses a flourish embossing pattern, paired with gold ribbon With a watercolor stamped image matted on dark brown cardstock 

To get the watercolor look, I used Kuretake Gansia Tambi watercolors with wet-n-wet with red, yellow and green and drop the colors on the wet watercolor paper. lots of practice helps with this technique. 

I really like to watercolor first then stamped on after, I feel like that's the thrill to how the stamped image comes out, using a clear acrylic block or a MISTI to position the stamp just right! (you need a good eye for that) What do you think? is it like having a leap of faith when you paint and then stamp? It's exhilarating, right?

For those that are not sure about that leap of faith...... I have a traditional way of coloring! 

This watercolor panel was painted with the same colors, yellow, red, and green. I used blue for the negative painting around the stamped image.  For the leaves,
To finish the card, I used a Tim Holtz embossing folder, and a piece of burlap ribbon tied in a knot to add interest and to anchor the card a bit.

My design tip for Autumn watercolor cards is to to use watercolors in a vivid and wet-n-wet painting. Practice and then practice some more, Watercolor cards are perfect for autumn cards! Can't you just see these cards going to a friend in October?

I am entering these cards into
Cuttlebug mania challenge

Monday, October 9, 2017

Autum blooms: Order now!

Fall colors are my favorite to design with! This Autum seris was inspired by the warmer fall we are having. Lots of bursts of colors in these flowers spoke to me as if they were saying look how beautiful Autum is when we don't get a frost early! 

Autum Splendor Table Top Arrangement
Colors that compliment eachother always has a place in your home, this table top arrangement is the perfect compliment to dinner parties, and Thanks giving gathering!
$25 for the blooms. Fresh greenery is avalible for local pickup in the Des Moines Area at a small charge. (pictured with fresh greenery) 

Natural Elegance Bouquette
Fall patterns pair perfectly to solid orange pumpkins as a tabletop center piece. or as as a flower bouquet!
$25 for a 6-8 bloom bouquet
$3 per bloom.

Autum's Elegance
Fall blooms in muted browns and pinks and purples add such a beauty to any home, use them on a shelf, have me make a wreath out of them, they are just gourgous for your home!
Contact me to have a custom order made!
$5 per bloom Pictured here $15
Formal occasion pricing is avalible contact me for more pricing information.1 dozen minimum purchase.
Autum Harvest

Autum Harvest

Autum Harvest's bouquet (Just becuase, Friendship bouquet) 
A burst of colors in this cute bouqeut with Crimson and Violet roses and Burnt umber and bright orange mums. neatly in a purple Ball Mason jar.  $30 

Fall colors are my favorite to design with! Order now to have your blooms ready by the time you need them to entertain with! I make each order at the time of you ordering them, that way I can make them just right for you! 

To order please send me an email, with what you would like, and I will reply with in a day. I use Pay Pal, and Check or cash depending on the order. 

For special occasion orders I have a $50 deposit at the time of ordering. 

Got lots of questions? Great I love questions, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me to ask me your questions! 
Need a custom floral order? I'm your girl, I specialize in wedding and recital bouquets, Pricing and quoting is avalible upon request! 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Not letting go of summer yet!

Thank you for stopping by, I can't let summer go quite yet! I am finally able to share these cute cards before it's too cold to see roses outside!

 I love watercolor and thought that this challenge over at Penny Black Saturday Challenge is a great way to share a Penny Black brushstroke stamp with Liquid Pearls.

This card was simple enough to make, it used a pink, light and dark green Tombow marker. If you are looking for a good tutorial on how to make this card, This Youtube video for PB&J is a good one!

My designer tip: adding a bit of negative painting (painting around the flower) makes it look watercolored, and helps the flower to pop. to get this look, add a wash of green pigment, so lots of water, 90/10 water/pigment ratio.

Once you are finished with painting around the flower and it's dry, add the liquid pearls to define some lines so the flower can pop even more. Since this is a one layer card any extra pop can really add to the card!

Then mounted this card onto some green textured patterned paper!

This card was very similar, I figured if I had all my supplies out I might as well make another one for a friend!  instead of using a green watercolor wash, I used a yellow wash which adds to the cheerfulness of the card. Then I added dots of liquid pearls to the flower. 

Materials used:
4x5.25 300 lb watercolor paper
Penny Black  Dancing Daisies and Lustrous stamp
Tombow light and dark green, brown, and pink markers
Yellow and green watercolor with one brush with just water on it, and the other with pigment on it. 
Potting soil archival ink
Green pattern paper

I am also entering these cards into the Penny Black and more challenge.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Trending Now: Wedding Paper Flowers

Paper flowers bring me joy! So it's no surprise that brides are wanting paper flowers to be part of their wedding decor!

The fun thing about paper flowers is they can be done way ahead of time and still look beautiful for the big day! (one of my favorite things for both me and the bride!)
One of my favorite things about designing flowers is that I get to play around with size, and shapes of flowers, to get the perfect look for the table tops.  

A good design tip for creating a great tabletop centerpiece is to do a 40/60 or 30/70 color combo, you don't want all one color you want an accent color. Creating with a dominant color and an accent color can really add to the design and compliment both colors and flowers at the same time. 

 I also love picking out the paper, sometimes a beautiful simple cardstock is all you need to make these blooms look stunning. These flowers use high-end cardstock, Don't you just love the vibrant color!

I love Greenery, and if there was a good way to not spend hours working on greenery I would be crazy happy. Until that happens Sam's club has just greenery sold in bunches for $4-$5 that would be enough for 1-2 tabletop centerpiece.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Welcome Creatives

Starting a blog is all about dreaming, isn't it? I am all about loving who you are and loving what talents you have. Cultivating Creativity is something that is so individual as the person that uses creativity.

This blog is essentially my way to connect with other readers that are looking for an escape into the creative world- my creative world.

Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, and get lost in my creative world.

My goal is to motivate women, and girls to cultivate creativity in their lives, their family's lives and in their home.

On a weekly basis, you may find me teaching about a technique, or sharing information on an upcoming class I am teaching.

When I am not teaching I like to design, and inspire others to do what they "really" want to do!

I am also a student, I want to learn from you, everyone has something to share on my blog, so please leave comments and lots of questions!

Fall Beauty watercolor stamping Class preview

Penny Black has an amazing line of stamps for watercolorists! Brushstroke stamps are stunning! I love the way it makes you look like a "real" artist. This card is one of my favorites, it's simple and full of beauty, and it uses one of my favorite techniques, Negative painting with Starry Colors!

Take my class at Memory Bound to see how to get this effect, It's stamping the same stamp in 2 different positions, and using 2nd generation stamping to create the fun look! Click here to see the details of this class, I am crazy excited to share my love of watercolor stamping with you, even more, excited to share with you 9 different techniques in this class!