Summer Trees

I love the inspiration that trees give me, Trees are like good friends, they are strong, fortifying, edifying, giving beauty to the world because that is what they are made to do. This summer I was challenged to paint every day, and most days I either painted trees or a study of a part of a tree, lots of color mixing and color charts, texture charts, different ways to paint leaves and warm up exercises helped me to paint looser while painting such a beautiful subject!

 I was able to paint outside while my kids were playing, which in my mind was key to me learning how to compose a good tree on paper. Time spent outside being immersed in a beautiful subject matter changed my perspective on how to paint trees. My goal this summer was to be able to paint a structure of a tree well so that when the leaves are beautiful in the fall I have all those brush miles counted to paint something I could be proud of. I truly want to thank Angela Fehr for the Summer Challenge, Her insights to painting in watercolor have helped me understand how to paint a brighter summer!

warm up  and playing around

Getting to know what you like about painting trees and doing some fun color mixing on the paper is fun, For the greens, I like using Hookers green, green gold, and turquoise to get some beautiful deep greens. 

Yes, I know these trees are still a long way from being perfect but the expressiveness in the brush strokes makes me happy! I love sketching trees, every time I sketch a pine tree it always turns out a bit different!

Study of a summer Pine tree

Warm up of a sketched pine tree
study of a summer tree

Expressive summer Tree

Green gold and turquoise color play in the tree

study of a memory rain swept the landscape