Welcome Creatives

Starting a blog is all about dreaming, isn't it? I am all about loving who you are and loving what talents you have. Cultivating Creativity is something that is so individual as the person that uses creativity.

This blog is essentially my way to connect with other readers that are looking for an escape into the creative world- my creative world.

Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, and get lost in my creative world.

My goal is to motivate women, and girls to cultivate creativity in their lives, their family's lives and in their home.

On a weekly basis, you may find me teaching about a technique, or sharing information on an upcoming class I am teaching.

When I am not teaching I like to design, and inspire others to do what they "really" want to do!

I am also a student, I want to learn from you, everyone has something to share on my blog, so please leave comments and lots of questions!