color changes moods! My monthly watercolor check in

Who I am as an artist tells shows a lot of my work. It should, and I am growing into an artist that is loving the expressive brushstrokes, and the vivid colors that I see every day, I am inspired by nature, and do well to let the simplicity of the lines and colors shine.

value sketch
This month I felt like I was all over with what to paint, ending this month I was inspired by a pumpkin patch that I visited with my 3yr old son and a good friend of mine. The pumpkin patch was small and perfect for a morning outside. The pumpkin patch was nestled between a pine tree grove, and cornfields, it was a perfect setting to be inspired by color, texture, and lines. (3 of the 7 elements to design.)

study of a pumpkin
Notice the bloom for texture
Although I am terrified and hopeful of what the outcome might look like I have a pretty good idea on where to go with this painting that I hope I can be done this week. I know you can't rush art, however, I do plan on showing up and painting every day this week for 30 minutes. I am giving myself 7 tries to get this painting the way I want it. (good luck right?)
OH how I wish it was warmer out so I could spend the morning at the pumpkin patch to paint in Plein Air, wouldn't that be awesome? 

Here are the other studies and paintings I did this month.

What I absolutely love about watercolor is that you can paint the same tree over and over and get different results every time. I had fun pushing my self to try new color combo's and I kept asking what if. What if I used these two colors, it's only paper and a bit of paint, if it doesn't work out, it's just paper right? I am glad I tried out different colors and ways to paint, if I didn't I would not have painted some of these tress.

Color plays a huge role in conveying your mood of the painting, and I love how just two colors a yellow, (new Gamboge) and permanent Mauve from Windsor and Newton can make this tree look amazing, no browns needed just some really good color mixing. Angela Fehr recommends to use some violets and some rich blues in a landscape to help this tree look even more amazing, I can't wait to try it out! But isn't this study just beautiful by its self, I don't think it needs too much to make it work! 

 Earlier in the month, I kept thinking the trees are never going to turn, it's been too warm! so I painted this as a way of dreaming that autumn is on its way. I especially love how simple this tree was and yet it looks beautiful with the white space as gaps in the tree! I am just in love with this tree! to bad it's on a piece of 4x4 watercolor, it's a small study! Oh well, I suppose it's just another reason to paint something like this bigger!

What color combos are you truly loving these days? 

I never thought a bright yellow and a mauve could give you so many different tones! I also didn't expect that with a simple subject like tress could help you paint so expressively! It is so neat to show up to a blank page and start painting, it's so exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! 

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Happy Creating
xoxo Lisa