Practice Changes everything!

Don't you love when you know what artistic style you have, and then once you figure out your "style" things just happen, your art has more depth, you look like a unified artist that is on a mission? Right?

Rewind about 17 years ago when I was an art student in Omaha, I was doing a "college" tour for new students and I was asked by a father that wanted to support his daughter in the commercial art field How do you know what your style is? My simplest reply was, practice, and lots of it! He looked at me like I was CRAZY!  Partly because what does a 20-year-old know about finding your Artistic style.

Little did I know that 17 years later, the Future me (now) believes this to be the one thing that never changed. Practice changes everything.

Do you know what your style is?

You can call it Doing the work. or simply DO THE WORK. As artists and crafters, there is a magical need to put that first brush stroke on the canvas, or glue that first layer of paper. For me doing the work, fuel my creativity, and my vision of how I hope my project turns out.

To find your artistic style you simply just have to do the work, show up to paint, glue, cut, create. It's simple and yet artists do this every day to find a new breakthrough. Art, the essence of creativity in whatever you create is fostered by showing up to do the work.

What ways have you found your style?

This blog is all about learning and growing in the arts, I hope to always love watercolor and stamping and card making, however as interests change, and new tools are made, I hope to be a lifelong learner in fine arts, and crafting. I plan on taking you on this journey!

 My card making style is Elegance, not cutesy, or shabby chic, I love clean graphics that can symbolize the seasons at one glance, and yet evoke an emotion of love and kindness. Simple and open-ended enough to keep those creative juices going.

Knowing ourselves is a great way to tap into that inner artist. Does your artist love too be outside, at an art gallery, concert, with others people? My Artist always seems to be drawn to nature, If I don't get outside into nature 3-4 times a week, my inner artist is like no way am I helping you paint or create today. NOPE, not till you give me what I need, she is very much like a kid in that sense.

As for my watercolorist side me, I love the lose and flowing pieces. When I paint I want to feel a sense of peace and wonder, If I did it right that emotion will show through my paintings.

"When we show up to do the work" Like Julie Cameron suggests we are able to learn what our style is.

Warm up with greens and blues and purples

Whatever your art is, take comfort that showing up to do the work is the hardest thing to do when you feel like your in a rut. Practice makes everything better!


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