Quick and easy Halloween cards

Don't you love when you use up what you have on hand? The materials for these cards have litterally been in "my scrap stash" for a while. I had the Scribble stick background done for a while, I wasn't feeling the purple untill I came across this cute witch sticker that a friend gave me (Thanks SD.) With the black die cut the three elements worked together well!  I loved it so much that I am not putting a sentiment on the front, it doesn't need it. What do you think, does it need a sentiment on the front?

Witch Card
 Done in stages, not all in one sitting:
I had a pannel cut at 4.25x5.5 and used Scribble sticks to make a background, I was going for a sun set, or sun burst but didn't love it for a long time
When I had some time to just cut out some background dies I cut out a bunch and had them in my stash. Any symetrical background die works.
Found a cute halloween sticker in my stash from a friend, used it to make a cute card. when I am looking for a sticker or die that I have already cut out, I go with color, size and the general feel of the item to see if it will "marry" nice to the rest of the design. 

Another fun thing that I love to use with a rainy day background (making card panel backgrounds for a use in another time) is to just play with washi tape. Sometimes you just have to play with washi tape and hope something fun comes of it. Going through my stash I found this cute sticker of a bat, it had the perfect accent color of purple that would make the sticker pop with the washi tape. So onto the card it went and I was done! It seems easier than it is but really once you are in the right creative mind things happen like this card! You should know that the washi tape panel was done two years ago, I was waiting for the right sentiment, or die, not a sticker! Funny how when creativity florishes you are able to come up with sometimes easier ways to create something!

Washi Tape Bat Card

I bought this washi tape at Hobby Lobby a couple years back, and made some panels with washi tape with no real plan in mind, I just wanted to play. I played with the patterns and size of the washi tape to make a nice panel of washi tape. and then kept it in my stash for what seemed like forever... while weeding out my halloween stash of things I wanted to keep and things that were "done" I saw this cute sticker and thought I bet the purple is just enough to make this work with the washi tape panel I made so long ago! It did!!! and I love it. Easy peasy card done! 

My quesion to you is: What fun stickers and stamps do you have that you could use to make some quick and easy cards? I know you have them... we all do don't we?

the name of this game is waste not want not... and USE WHAT YOU HAVE!


  1. Cute cards! Love the diagonal strips that you created with your Washi Tape! Thanks for joining us at Stamp Ink Paper, hope to see you again soon!

    1. Thank you! I am loving washi tape for the fun nontraditional things we can do with it, and it seemed like Diagonal washi tape would make for a fun Halloween Card!


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