Taylored Expression Tricks and Treats

I recently was able to take a class at Taylored Expressions Studio called Tricks and Treats I am so impressed With Taylor and her team! Included in this class were these two cards.

 This slider card is so perfect for kids and adults that love bats (my kids)  The blending was fun, we used a stencil brush, which makes a fun way to blend colors in an easy way, Thanks Taylor for teaching me a new technique to get a perfect blend of ink on the card!

The slider die is perfect to set in just the right place that works best for the card. I love that you can keep it simple and stunning at the same time!

We altered the haunted house die, it had a tree where the bat was, cutting out tree opened up room for the bat.  Taylored Expressions had their build a scene with bats and star sequence for the perfect way to add a few embellishments.

I just feel in love with the card! Glad I took this class for this card!

Shaker Cards are crazy fun to play with! I mean look at those eyeballs! The shaker card was self-explanatory to make, I did loved her clear acetate a ton that I bought some, it's thick and looks professional. We also used Taylored Expressions Foam sheets and they are a dream to work with, I will be making some Christmas shaker cards, they are so fun to make with just a simple background to make the card pop!

My design tip: LEARN from others! I will be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of shaker cards until I took this class and realized how much fun it was to make a shaker card, with the right materials it makes for a really fun experience. If I had been in the mindset, that I knew how to make a shaker card and I don't "need" to take this class I would not have learned what awesome materials were available to use, or having used those materials I now know why you use the foam sheets, and acetate clear sheets.

Keep Learning, that is the key to artistic discovery! 

Happy Creating
XOXO ~Lisa