Trending Now: Wedding Paper Flowers

Paper flowers bring me joy! So it's no surprise that brides are wanting paper flowers to be part of their wedding decor!

The fun thing about paper flowers is they can be done way ahead of time and still look beautiful for the big day! (one of my favorite things for both me and the bride!)
One of my favorite things about designing flowers is that I get to play around with size, and shapes of flowers, to get the perfect look for the table tops.  

A good design tip for creating a great tabletop centerpiece is to do a 40/60 or 30/70 color combo, you don't want all one color you want an accent color. Creating with a dominant color and an accent color can really add to the design and compliment both colors and flowers at the same time. 

 I also love picking out the paper, sometimes a beautiful simple cardstock is all you need to make these blooms look stunning. These flowers use high-end cardstock, Don't you just love the vibrant color!

I love Greenery, and if there was a good way to not spend hours working on greenery I would be crazy happy. Until that happens Sam's club has just greenery sold in bunches for $4-$5 that would be enough for 1-2 tabletop centerpiece.