How are you crafting homemade joy to make a difference right where you are?

I create homemade joy by doing the little creative things in my daily life to help those around me.

Let me explain, I am a much better mom when I have time to create by my self in my little studio. Sometimes the things I create are just horrible, but that's ok, I am learning and experimenting with style, product, techniques, it's the process that really counts right? 

Realistically when I create something homemade, cards, jams, jellies, paper flowers, I create them because I have this need to create something, I know that eventually, those paper flowers I make will go to a friend that had a baby, or for a loved one that is sick in the hospital. The cards I make goes to friends and family members that love my cards, I could sell my cards, and some days I think it would help, but I get free babysitting from family, and support from my friends that giving them some cards so they can send a card to their mum in Europe, or sending a sympathy card to a family friend, you can't put a price on that. 

One of the best ways I love to share Homemade joy is by teaching, I am blessed with lots of opportunities to teach friends and family my creative process and help them learn how to make paper flowers, cards, watercolor. To me, teaching is one of the best ways to spread joy throughout the year! This is the motivation for my blog, to help you see my process. I then hope to inspire you or share with you how the process works, for the appreciation of the art!

Crafting joy isn't a hard thing, especially during this holiday season, When I sit down about this time every year to think about what could I make for my loved ones, It's always a fun planning session. 

These are some of the things that have worked out well for my family:

caramel packaging I made

1. Scrapbook an event for someone, A simple picture book will do!
2. Calendars are one of my favorite ones to give, usually with lots of pictures of our family
3. Something you love to eat. I have 24 jelly jars filled with Apple butter, that I can't wait to give out to teachers, friends, and family! They go fast, so I am in the process of making some mixed berry Jam, and some Christmas Jam if needed. 
3 Home candy (peanut brittle is so easy and economical to make.) I like to make Caramel and tape washi tape on them for a Christmas feel!
4. Never underestimate the power of handcrafted packaging. Buy someone their favorite candy in a package you made, and you will feel the joy! The more personal the better!

Caramel with washi tape for packaging
Spreading homemade Joy brings me and my family peace and joy, year round, I think it's because I made something with my hands that no one else can, yes you can paint, stamp, ink the same stamp but it comes out differently for each person doing the same project. Why? It's simple, it's your work.

I got this question I am asking you fromTaylored Expression's blog post: why cards matter, this blog post is very inspiring if you need encouragement! The story is amazing too! 

I want to leave you with this thought, that goes well with created joy:

Is it possible that all the things we create really do help make our family's stronger?

How are you crafting homemade joy? I would love to hear about your projects and your traditions! Leave a comment, Bellow

Since publishing this post, I wanted to add my experience on this matter. I recently packaged up 60 cards to give away, they were Christmas, birthday and all occasion cards. I let my friends and total strangers take some of my handmade cards, I said, as long as you can use these cards to brighten up some one's day, it was worth the effort to make these cards. I had people say, oh I know so and so, they are ...... they could really need a card to help them feel loved. What an amazing feeling I had! You never know who's life you are touching when you give the gift of creativity!