WHY paper flowers?

That is the question I ask my self all the time. I go back to because you can do so much more with them. I am sorta a control freak, so when I can make my own thing... That's a good thing.

The  History:
Paper flowers have been something for me to create since I was little, give me some tissue paper and I was golden for like hours as a child.

I started really making paper flowers when I learned that patients in intensive care units in the hospital can't have any live plants because of bacteria, (controlled environment issues) (talking about control freaks) Just kidding I understand about controlling an environment for patients that may not have a very good immune system.

While my mom was in the ICU, I was sad that I couldn't bring her flowers, so I went home that night bought some bright tissue paper and did "my thing" I made a mess on the table, and floor and came out with a simple bouquet of carnations made with pipe cleaners.  I remember seeing that same bouquet 7 years later in her home when she passed away, the emotion and sweet memories of her came sweeping through my mind at that moment.

Paper flowers for me have a very special near and dear place in my heart. 

I truly believe that paper flowers can bring peace to the troubled heart.

My style of tissue paper and pipe cleaner flowers evolved into a more modern elegant look. My favorite thing about paper flowers is that I can make springtime a real thing in my house with beautiful flowers in January. Last year while dealing with seasonal depression, the bright daffodils I crated and bright flowers all around me helped me to feel cheerful!

You can create to your heart's content, and the flowers never wilt, That is why paper flowers are so perfect for weddings, and formals, you can choose the size, the bloom, the colors, well in advance and they never wilt! Talk about control issues!

Realistic if the paper is cuttable, it's fair game. love the cubbies I could make you a Cubs Rose or any team logo paper into a rose. Want sheet music from your first dance of your wedding as a flower, I could do that, if you can print it on paper you can get a flower made! That simple!

Happy Creating.


  1. Hello Lisa thank you for sharing your story about your love of paper flowers .I to love making them and my house looks like a florist shop at the moment .Keep on making and sharing your creations .x


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