Is it posible to find Joy in our chaotic world through creating?

Yes, I think if you put on the lens of creativity you can find it. Here are some of my examples of how I have found joy through the process of creating.

Maybe it's just me but when you are in your zone or feeling the flow of creating something, you live in the moment, you are not thinking about anything else in this life but what you are creating. This goes with cooking, painting, anything that is using the left side of the brain. Why?

Teaching our selves to live in the moment I think is one of life's biggest's challenge, for a long time, most of my life I would be thinking about everything else and not live in the moment. I would be in a beautiful moment with my family and would miss the whole point of the day... and feel unfulfilled. Ouch! For example, I am a dreamer, I love to dream, and sometimes I need to be pulled back to earth... so Art, in essence, helps me stay grounded, those dreams are then put onto paper, and I can live in the moment. Which brings me to having peace in my life.

Think about what impact learning to live in the moment could do if we all take some time to do a bit more art with our kids, would it help them to know what it really means to be in the moment?

This picture was taken during our Art Mornings, when the kids are home from school, we do Art Mornings, this was bubble printing, something I love to do when I want some fun and color in my life! use Distress ink with some bubbles, this was a tutorial on CreativeBug, that I fell in love with! and My kids love this!