water color warm up trees

Learning watercolor is quite an adventure, I love it! I can't believe that I have been learning watercolor for the last 18 months! One key thing I like to do before I work on a "serious" painting is warm up, and I love warm-ups, it helps put my mind in the right place, and that place is: even if I mess up its just practice. When I have an attitude of playing around I am able to be true to my self and my style. and these two trees are two of my favorite paintings! 

This painting was with just 2 colors, Ultramarine blue, and Burnt Umber, mixed together you can get a lot of tones. This was a great warm up to a loose and fluid painting I did for my Angela's Ferh Class. This warm-up was inspired by Kateri Ewing, she has a wonderful class on theory for watercolorists on Craftsy, one of my favorite classes! She has a youtube channel where you can paint along with her on this tree painting, I learned a lot from this warm up, and felt peace while painting this! Thank you, Kateri! 

This painting was a "what if" painting and I loved how it turned out, I started with a warm-up of blue and raw sienna, and Mauve watercolor wash/ underpainting. Then every time I needed to "warm up" I would pick up this tree wash and start painting trees. I wasn't worried about if it looked right, I cared about the lines and color. and after a couple of weeks of just playing with this for about 10 minutes for a warm-up, I got this painting. Isn't watercolor amazing! I love Angela Fehr's advice on watercolor and painting loosely, she says to paint from her heart. Her tree class is amazing, and when you are able to get the basics down you can really start learning your style! 

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