my top 3 playlists I have made to help me on my artistic journey

Need some springtime inspiration? I have curated some great playlists on YouTube, they have been tutorials that I have used or have found very informative in my art journey! I hope you stop by and see if some will be inspiring to you!

This is my Go to playlist for all the pretty floral cards I make! You can thank me later!

This is my Go to playlist for watercolor tutorials that have helped me

When I need a pick me up to feel motivated to paint I have made this, I call it Watercolor Bliss

I hope that these playlists can help you as much as they have helped me become a better Artist. I love everything about the art of watercolor, and am grateful for so many different artists that have helped me see there is no right or wrong way to paint!

I am loving the journey of learning to paint and to create beautiful paintings!

Happy Creating!