Painting Winter Blues

The third rendition of the snow scene.
Painting Winter has always been a little mysterious for me, I always think that no one would like a winter scene because who wants to be reminded of winter? However there is a calm that comes when you paint a winter scene, and I happen to really enjoy the process of painting in cool tones. Winter brings a new depth of emotions to a painting that I never realized. So chill and relax as I share my thoughts about the winter scenes I have been painting.

First rendition of the winter scene
Angela had a class on winter scenes in her Watercolor University and I really enjoyed working with a loose and fluid style to create some winter scenes. I enjoy painting the trees in the background as much as I enjoyed the foreground. The hardest part of a painting is to not add too many details and to get a sense of snow. I learned to establish your light values first, so then you know where to add our darkest darks and your mind tones. It helps that you only use a couple colors, I used 3 colors and got a lot of different tones.

Here are some other Winter scenes I have painted.

Winter Trees abstract
So if you are loving what you see why not paint along with me and Angela Fehr this February and see what fun things there are to learn about watercolor!  Angela has a free class called Jump Start watercolor this month that would be a fun way to pass the time. I really think that this could be used well for all my card maker friends out there! I love using warm-ups for cards! Angela shows you where to start when it comes to watercolor and a sheet of paper is never wasted when you can make it into something else other than a painting! So if you are wanting to pass the time away from this winter with something new or different try it out for free! 

My question to you is, What are you curious about painting? I seem to enjoy a good challenge and now I am not afraid of painting a snow scene Thanks to Angela!

Happy Creating!

XOXO ~Lisa
Painting Christmas, Hay Bales

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  1. Wow, so beautiful! I wish I lived closer so I could take one of your classes and you could teach me how to paint like this with watercolors. Gorgeous❤️ Hugs, Elizabeth

    1. I am so sorry I didn't reply to you earlier, how sweet of you, these paintings were all done in an online class with Angela Fehr, so you could totally paint this with her class. although if you are ever in Central Iowa I would love to share my tricks and talents with you! Happy painting! Thank you for the kind words!


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