Watercolor warm up cards

So if you know me at all, I am a frugal person, Watercolor is my creative outlet. I picked watercolor because I was always curious about watercolor and I loved that you couldn't quite control it, but the real reason why I logistically picked watercolor over other mediums was that I thought it was going to cost less than other mediums. I don't really know if there is a "cheap" medium but I thought watercolor was going to be that! I may have been wrong, I now have over $200 in watercolor supplies and that's not including paper. Anyways to offset that cost I like to use my warm up or practice paintings for cards. Let me show you the behind the scenes approach to my methods. So I never waste a good warm up!

Did you know that there is a really neat opportunity to learn watercolor for free from a watercolorist to help you with your cards? Yep, Angela is hosting a Jump Start to watercolor class this month only for free, Check it out you will be glad you did. I did last year and am loving the results! Here are just some examples of a good warm-up turned into a card or two!

  I love learning about what different colors can do! and this is a fun way of learning, just play with your brush strokes with different colors and see what comes of it. The background looks "artsy" because I was playing with color, although I like the colors by themselves and wanting to leave it as it is, I added a frame around a stamped sentiment from Penny Black's Faith stamp set, and added some sparkle washi tape to anchor and to add some texture to the card.
 This next card I was wanting to learn how to do a wet into wet technique with blue tones as well but wanted to see what violet would do, Don't you just love how beautiful and simple this watercolor card looks, it's so perfect for a wedding or an anniversary card! I heat embossed the black stamped Penny Black stamp, and now I have used up another warm-up piece.

This card came together quickly for me, I was playing around with my new Brusho's I got for Christmas and I love love love them! It didn't need too much, just a couple of simply stated stamps to add to this charming inspiring card.
 I wanted to add a strip to yellow to see what would happen to the blues with the Kuretake watercolors. This beautiful birthday card came together nice! Fast and Easy cards are my favorite! This stamp is from Avery Elle.

If you haven't tried much with watercolor lately then you are missing out. Angela Fehr has a class right now where it's free to learn watercolor, I love her classes so much that I am enrolled in her Watercolor University and it's worth every penny if you love watercolor like I do.

Here is a video that explains what I use for my cards.

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  1. Love play time with watercolors!! Your cards turned out beautiful :)

    1. Georgia, You are so thoughtful, thank you for the comment. I really enjoy playing with diffrent colors, and diffrent ways to create a card. Thank you for the kind words!

  2. I love making cards with my little color studies. These are even easier! I will remember this!

    1. Thank you, I do too, I don't like to waste much, and I think this is a great way to use up what could be a nice card.


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