Winter is the time to paint!

I don't know about everyone else but it's too cold to do anything! My dog that loves walks was curled under all the blankets on my bed this morning as if to say, today is not a good day for a walk to sniff around those trees in the trail you like to take me to. She was right, -15 is not a good day for a walk on the trails.

As some of my readers know I have been trying to learn more in watercolor, not just in the crafting and stamping world, but in the fine art world, and I am loving it! I am feeling determined and excited about the new challenge each painting brings! So to keep things short I wanted to share with you some of my paintings and experiences!

Angela has a great Loose and Fluid class which I learned what not to do and a lot of tricks to get me feeling confident painting. A lot of it comes with warm-ups and learning what not to do.

This painting of a mountain was to get you loosen up, to let the colors mingle and mix on the paper, and it was so fun to see the process!

I enjoy learning about what different pigments do, and how they react to each other. This painting of a simple mountain scene really helped me use colors that I wouldn't have tried, and I am grateful for that. I have learned that a simple mixture of ultramarine and Cobalt blue makes a really cool tone for skies, then if you add some violet it makes a really nice shade to compliment the cool side. What I loved about painting loosely is that you let the watercolor do all the work, I like seeing the texture and the flow that watercolor brings with it. 

I am not someone that needs to control all the brush strokes but when happy accidents do happen it makes the painting look fresh and new. I loved painting this one so much that I had to frame it! I really love the freshness of this, and I am slowly finding my style! 

The Painting of Muncho Lake was a fun lesson, I used lots of different colors that I normally would not have used, I just love the cool and warm tones to balance the painting. This painting was a bit out of my comfort zone but I enjoyed the process and found myself really enjoying putting paint loosely on the paper and see what happens! 

The study of a winter scene in one layer of a loose and fluid approach had me giddy! I loved painting the shadows... But this was a study that was the inspiration for Angela to do an abstract! Which I love!!!

From this painting, we abstracted it, with Angela's guidance I came up with this painting! 

I love it, there is so much going on and it tells a story, It's just a fun way to interpret winter and trees. it's calming to look.

I am clearly enjoying the process, My mantra these days is:  you don't know until you try. These paintings have helped me see the watercolor process in a new light. With every brush stroke, I feel like I am getting better and better and that is why I am always learning. For me it was worth taking this class, it has helped me see my growth! I look back to some of my early paintings even from a couple months ago and can see that growth. I learned that negative painting works best if you have a good composition in mind. To let the watercolor do its magic, and to really see what the painting needs. 

If you are like me and can't wait to get outside and do something. Angela has a great learning opportunity to learn watercolor for free this month. Yes Free, and it looks like a great month to stay inside and paint and learn something new! Join me on her new class Watercolor Jump Start. It looks like it's for all skill levels that want to jump up to the next level. My goal for this class is to find my style and be happy with it. Even if it is more abstract than realism. Shouldn't painting be like that? how boring to paint something that looks real when you can take a picture of that? So I am jumping in with both feet too say this is my art and I like it!

Learn to paint in watercolor

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