Composing Landscapes With Angela Fehr Class Review

I am so blessed to have taken Angela's Composing Landscape class. I had a hard time with understanding value with landscapes, and this class took care of that fear. For me Learning about where the value should go, and how loose and fluid should I be was a real battle for me. I am now over my fear of landscapes, and am proud to have conquered yet another fear of watercolor for me! The lesson on learning to look at reference photos really helped me to see the real value in light and darks, and not something I made up. I  learned that painting with a color harmony or having a color story was key to my success. I loved the content in this class, I grew as a watercolorist this month! 

Practice really does make things perfect...
Simple meadow landscape, my stylized version.
Angela breaks the class up into 11 different lessons, with lots of good useful tips she does to help with landscapes. I enjoyed her lessons as she explained why she would pick reference photo's and how to draw them as a thumbnail, then as a value study, and then to the finished painting. It was well worth taking the time to really dig in and do all the studies and exercises. Each exercise helped me become a better artist that could build upon skills that will help me paint landscapes in my style in my own way. This class pairs very nicely with Angela's free Watercolor Jump Start class. Of course, I believe that I have a long way to go to become a master of landscapes, but this class is a great class to come back to often to sharpen your landscape skills, Which I am grateful that I have lifetime access to this class! I think the most important thing about this class is how personal and direct her teaching methods are to get you to the point of painting landscapes without fear., In watercolor, you have to be fearless and she teaches that principle. Angela is an amazing artist and teacher! 

Rocky Pacific Coast study


  1. Thank you for sharing your review, Lisa! So glad to see your growth as an artist as you've progressed through the lessons.


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