Christian Themed Sentiments - Perfect way to encourage Graduates and Mothers

I love making cards that can be open-ended for lots of occasions, Usually, I can find a way to make cards work for almost any and all milestones.

Here is my thought process:
1. I am a Christian, and I am ALWAYS looking for encouraging and uplifting sentiments to add to my stamp collection. ALWAYS. I found that a good scripture can have multiple meanings for different occasions.

2. Life is filled with opportunities to share sentiments that are from the heart.  Why not share one of your favorite Scripture on a card for someone else to gain that knowledge?

3. I love keeping it simple, and Christian Themes are Simple to grasp, but hard to express. Why not make this into a visual testimony of how you feel?

Why am I sharing these cards with some of the Graduates I know?

I teach a High School religion class for my Chruch (Seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.) and have came to realize that my sweet and amazing students need lots of encouragement to always be kind, steadfast in their beliefs and to share Christ's love to those around them.  The Faith Hope and Love card was originally going to be a wedding card, and that verse is great for weddings, which is why I have it, but Thinking that really all good relationships and all good blessings from God comes from those three attributes, I would want my Graduate to know that these three attributes the savior taught applies to life, not just Marriage

Why Do Christain themed cards work for Mother's day: Most Christain themes are out of love, and there is no greater love than a mother's love.

Mother's day cards can be very direct with simplicity. Sharing your favorite, or your mom's favorite scripture/Christian theme on a mother's day card will have a lasting effect on her, because of the feelings that are associated with conveying that love you have for the special mothers in your life that has helped shaped your life.

This Duckling Card is going to be sent to some of my best friends that are "young" mom's or moms that are in the little kid stage of raising their family, As a friend I want to acknowledge mother's day from a friend perspective. Doesn't this card work well for that?

If you are looking for a Mother's day or graduate card that speaks from the heart, these cards might be it!  Please email me if you are interested in a card, I start my pricing at $8 per card, each card is individually painted/created for any custom design you are looking for!