Paint your Self Calm with Jean Haines

I am loving the loose and fluid look that I am experimenting with. This landscape was one of those paintings that made me giddy when I was painting it. Thanks to Jean Haines Paint Yourself Calm, it's a great book and even better to get to learn her process. It's during this spring that I am finding my voice in watercolor and I am loving it! 

the first stage of the painting
This Daffadill painting and the poppy painting is an excercize from Paint Your Self Calm, it' has truly opened my eyes to lots of new loose and fluid techniques you can use in watercolor that I am just loving! 

On my own, I thought I would try to do some paintings that were inspired by the book. 

This floral painting was mostly done with negative painting, which I am so glad Jean touched on in her book, it is helping me see how to utilize negative painting. 

Loose landscapes are my new favorite to experiment with. This painting is very intuitive and from my imagination. This scene comes from when driving down country roads in rural Iowa.

This painting is loosely based on an exercise in Paint your self-calm. It was fun to just "throw" paint down and see what happens, of course, I had a plan in mind but wanted to let the water decide how the painting was going to go. I love how it turned out! 

That is what I have been up to this month, lots of new and fun things happening with Maydreamrose, I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite stamps I have gotten, and some new watercolors I am dreaming up, my next watercolor that I am working on is a bluebell field, and I am in the beginning process of developing that painting. I hope to have it done and submitted to get into the Iowa State Fair. Submission dates for that is June 1st... So I better get to working on it! Here is a picture of the field, that literally took my breath away! Of course, pictures never do it justice, but for me this place was a magical place full of color and textures, it was just beautiful! 

Happy Creating!


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