Watercolor card ideas to inspire

  Practice painting (painting for the pure joy of it) is always a great way for me to lose myself in my paintings. Sometimes what Artists and creatives really need is more time to just get lost in a painting. These cards are by-products of this process. Let me explain:  There is always a new way to learn how to paint just about anything! These cards quite simply are some loose sketch paintings I have done that I didn't love as a painting, sometimes it was just practice or something I didn't like about the whole painting but I liked a part of the painting to be on a card... you know the whole waste not, want not theory.  And why through away a good part of a painting?

For this flower card, I was practicing my florals in the Floral Drenched watercolor class from Angela Fehr, I was painting on a big piece of watercolor paper, with about three different other flowers, this flower I loved enough to use as a card. I framed it with black cardstock using a Fame Die from Taylored Expression and then I stamped a sentiment, simple, sweet, quick, just the way I like it! 
 This Tree card was the same way, I was practicing painting trees last summer, and kept this practice tree, I needed a masculine card, this tree painting was the answer. I especially loved having the brown embossing paper to add to the elegance of the card.  I think the hardest part of using practice subjects on a card is cutting it down to size, With that in mind if you cut your paper to the size of a card panel, (A2 4x5.25) it's easier to turn your practice subjects into a card. Or if you are like me I am not always looking to make my practice subjects into cards, then it's a matter of cropping where it makes the most sense.

One lesson I have learned is never to throw away paintings. This card came from a painting I didn't love, and a die cut from my Silhouette that I didn't love, but once I saw those two together it made sense in my mind to "marry" them and create a card. This card was an easy one to create after looking through my stash of unused dies and watercolor paintings. No, the painting didn't scream at me when I cut it up! Hah! 

  These two cards are from the same watercolor painting, but as a whole, I didn't like it. So I took one of the Taylored Expressions frames die set and found a spot on the watercolor painting that worked well. It was just abstract enough that you could tell it was a floral, with all the right colors, (I love color harmony) That to me it worked. I also used a Taylored Expression sentiment for the Hello friend. These cards came together nicely, and fairly quickly.

If you want to learn more about how to use watercolor in your cards I highly recommend the Watercolor for creatives

I am an affiliate with Angela Fehr, when you click and buy a class with her I get a small percentage of that sale to help support my blog. 
Happy Creating! 


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