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I love encouraging cards, I seem to never have enough in this chaotic world, and if there is one thing I wish for is that there would be more love and kindness in the world. So... I had to make some floral encouraging cards to convey how I feel. 

These stamps are all from Penny Black, I love how the stamp and the sentiments work so well together.

Materials I used for these cards:
~Hot press Fluid watercolor paper (the best for stamping multiple layers.)
~Misti stamp positioner
~Flower pageant stamp set by Penny Black
sentiments from Penny Black (the faith one, and love set)
~Archival ink for the sentiments (brown or black)
~Tombow Bright Marker set
~Watercolor medium size brushes, or a water brush
Cardstock of your choice to use as a mat

For each card, I started with stamping the sentiment first. Then I added the flowers around the sentiment. It works best this way, that way you have room for the sentiment to breath. Sometimes when you are stamping you want to stamp the focal point first, so stamp the sentiment first.

 As far as the background goes, I added some a touch fo yellow or blue, to make the white background not so stark. Also, I love using Archival ink for the sentiment, it won't bleed and it stays put.

If you are looking to learn how to get this technique look at penny black's videos to help you learn, this was how I taught myself, along with lots of time, once you get the technique down it's easy... but I will say it does take practice.  Bellow is a tutorial that has helped me... there are also some really good tutorials from others on how to achieve this look.

I also want to say Thank you to Fluid Watercolor Paper from Global Art Materials from Kansas City for supplying the watercolor paper. I stamped this on their hot press watercolor paper and am loving how smooth it was to paint on. I love the thickness of it and how easy it was to get the desired watercolor effect of adding some water to the pigment to make the water look more fluid once it was dried. Truly one of my favorite watercolor paper to stamp and watercolor on!

Have you made cards with Penny Black brushstroke stamps? Are they fun to use, or do you have a hard time with them? I have taught three classes at my local scrapbook store and feel that there is a love-hate relationship with these stamps... if you have any questions I would love to help answer them for you, just leave your comment below and I will try really hard to answer them for you!

Happy Creating!


  1. Phyllis, You are so sweet, I hope you are doing well, Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, It's much appreciated!

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