Creativity is Magical. An Artist's Sahm's(Stay at Home Mom's) Perspective during the summer time.

My kids next to a Grant Wood lithograph at the Des Moines Art Center. They love going to see the beautiful artwork.
Summer is so relaxed over at my house, as an artist I thrive on a routine and a schedule, which seems like something doctors, lawyers, and other "real" professionals do, but for me and my house, a routine and schedule really does help keep the creativity flow.

During the summer if I am not creating before 7 am, it's not getting done, that means waking up early and most likely going to be at a good time helps with the creativity. I also know that once my kids wake up my MoJo is sorta gone, I feel like although I love my kids my motivation to create anything other than PB&J is totally gone for the day.

As an artist Momma, how do you stay creative even when you don't have that time to create like you use to when they were in school (oh how I miss my creative time when the kidlets are in school!)

Here are some of my thoughts that I hope will help you see what I am talking about:

1. Share the Joy of creating: I think involving them in your work can help... but have realistic expectations that you are there to help them learn more about the creative process than you getting any real work done.

2. Use time wisely  On days like yesterday when we had every minute of our day planned (grocery store shopping, playing at our local water park with friends till it closed.) start the morning with your normal artist routine. After that I tell my self, ok, you had our creative thought process time, now it's the kids turn to have an artful mother in their life. For example, my morning routine was to get up, walk my dog, while walking I listened to classical music while thinking about my goals for the rest of the summer and July, it was a refreshing walk. Then painted for an hour, then had breakfast. I end my artist time with Breakfast if I can help it.

kids with Grant Wood.
3 Artist's Dates are so helpful. I love my artist's dates, it helps keep my work loose and I am happy when I am painting, so I take artists dates a lot. Artist's dates with kids usually means something they have been wanting to do that is very kid friendly that I want to do... that is key it's something that will help me remember what it's like to be a kid so when I am able to show up with my preferred medium in hand I am ready to not fear the page. Some fun ones this summer has been going to to the waterpark and playing in the wave pool, Going to a rose garden and the Art center, being part of my children's recital. having a dance party, watching an epic 80's movie that I grew up with. an artist date has helped me become a much happier mom. I encourage you to take your children to places that make you happy as an artist to share that joy with your children.

So if you are a Creative Momma like I am I hope that you take this summer to share the joy of creativity with your children. I think it's a tricky thing to balance creativity for your self and share that joy of creativity with your family when you're not getting the creative time you get when school is in session. But I do love that summer is all about family for us, and I wouldn't change that for anything. So bring on the long summer nights of playful laughter, silly stories, and good family times. Bring on the good morning mum, what are you painting this morning? Can I watch? can you show me? Wow, how did you do that? It looks like magic is it magic?

To which I reply, yes Creativity is magic.

Waterpark shinanigans 

4 year old finally took a nap! Yay for creative free time!

selfie, with one of my favorite kiddo!

backstage mom for recital

Grace Ballet recital, backstage

Pirate for Acrobatics for Grace Ballet

Enjoy the fun that summer brings!