Five minute Scenery cards

I love stamps that I can color in 5ish minutes. Click boom then it happens, and just like that, you have a nice card. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite cards I have made lately using some of my stamps that don't take to long to make along with some tips that help me use my time wisely. 

Stamped scenes are one of my favorite. I know a barn stamp seem peculiar, living in Iowa I have so many friends that use barn/farm stamps for note cards, thinking of you, and thank you cards. I love stamps when I can use a limited color pallet. I am always on the lookout for stamps that are easy to color that I can show my personal style with. This stamp is one of them that I can do that with. 

Silhouette Grazing Horse
Using Silhouette stamps really makes for a fun time to create! I love blending colors, this is a stamped card that can be used with a dramatic cloud effect. I love using watercolor but for sure you could also use ink blending. 

My tip for using Silhouette stamps would be to keep it simple, you want the stamp to be the main focus, The color is to enhance the stamped image.  

Painting the sky really is a 2-minute process, the more confident you paint your sky the fresher and looser it looks. you don't want to take up to much time fussing if you think the color is in the right place. I like telling my self, click boom then it happens...

Scenery stamps are really fun to paint, the work is already done for you, just start coloring. If you are not sure about water coloring, emboss your stamped image first, the embossing will help your paint stay in the lines. 

an oldie lighthouse stamp that my friend found for me at a garage sale. which reminds me I need to make some cards for her!

Smaller scenes stamps have a place in my heart too. I added some layers to the card, it works great for what was needed to tie the card together. When creating this card I had stamped it a couple times so I could have more than just on the card. I used different sentiments since scenery cards are fairly open-ended, you can make them into any type of card you need. That is why I am always drawn to scenery stamps. it's the art that makes the card, not all the extra do-dads. 

Thank you Blue Knight Stamps for sponsoring this blog post! They graciously gave me the Silhouette grazing horse stamp, Bank Barn, and Dirt road stamp to share with you!