how to Craft a Christmas Card Collection

Crafting a Country Christmas Card Collection makes me happy! Here are some of my insights on how I created this collection. Links to the products I used are at the bottom of this post. Thank you Blue Knight Stamps for providing these stamps to share!

A Winter Cabin in the Woods

A good Card collection has a certain style to it that makes you feel like it's a complete collection.

Snowy Village

Winter Barn

While designing this collection, I wanted each card to feel like a part of a Christmas event I celebrate.

Car in a Scene
 I wanted to add my thoughts at Christmas through activities I cherish, For example, Sunday Before Christmas, Our big multi-generation family Christmas at a lodge, The scene of Christmas day, Going to Grandma's for Christmas brunch or dinner. sharing Christmas with Farming Friends that keep it real! 

Snowy Village

Some design elements and tips that helped with having a united look was having stamps that had the same feeling I was trying to convey. The stamps needed to be open-ended for watercolor and yet detailed enough so I didn't have to color them too much. These stamps from Blue Knight Stamps were the perfect fit for that! 

Have a simple color pallet, I love keeping Christmas Cards simple with some pop.      When designing a card collection I always ask why? Why am I creating it, Why would my viewer want to have this collection of Cards? Why would I want to display these as a whole as Christmas decorations? Those questions all have great value in creating a cohesive look.  Creating Country Christmas Cards I had to add some flannel or plaid, I also wanted some simple watercoloring, So there you have a simple watercolor style with some really impressive stamps. I hope you have a wonderful time creating some Christmas Cards for your loved ones this year. I always enjoy mailing them out and getting text messages back saying they loved my card I sent. Isn't it a great feeling when you send a card you made for a friend or family. I always hope that they want to frame the cards, these cards are frame worthy I think. 

Stamps I used: All from Blue Knight stamps. They offer free shipping on orders more than $50

Some of my favorite Materials I use for my watercolor cards:
Mixed Media Paper (for the stamped panel.)

A class you may want to take if you want to learn more about watercolor cards that I love and recommend is Creative Watercolor with Angela Fehr. Worth every Penny! 


  1. Your cards are stunning! Fantastic clean look, and very quaint for Christmas.


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