Positive Vibe Cards to your BFF

Warm-ups are part of an artist's way of producing art.
the background was simple line brush strokes to learn
what blues can do. Adding a simple sentiment with a
frame around it helps tie in the composition.
I used only one stamp: Penny Black's Hope Shines Through.
We all need those phone calls, cards, and prayers when a friend, or a family needs emotional support at times right?

I thought I would share with you some of the cards I like to send that really don't take to much time to do. If you like watercolor the fun part is, you have paintings, or exercises to help you make these cards fast, (the hard part is already done for you right?  Let me  Explain:

As a watercolor artist, I have a ton of good paintings that will not see the light of day, seriously my batting average for a good painting is like 1 out of 15, so twice a month I will have a good painting that I am willing to frame. ( that leaves me with a bunch of extra paintings to make cards out of! Hah!

So my process is simple, I buy a lot  of Background stamps, they serve two purposes,
1. They are perfect for watercolor warm-ups and I can use the stamped background for easy Clean and Simple Cards (CASS)
2. The background stamps are usually really open-ended so I can do a lot with them including mixed media pieces.

Pair background stamps with some nice size sentiments and you have a good card to send with your artistic style. It's that simple let me show you some ideas!

I like to save time in my creating time that I do have, so you will often see me stamp with black or brown archival ink on some card panels, that way when I am ready to paint I have some things already to add pigment too, it's up to me to decide what kind of media I want to use.
I enjoy Mandalas for uplifting and encouraging cards.
This background stamp is from Taylored Expressions
 I will also see the end from the beginning with cards and stamps, I will clear heat to emboss knowing what I want to do with it (watercolor) to get a resist effect. Then later I will add a sentiment that fits the occasion.

Star Background Stamp from Taylored Expressions
Faith Sentiment from Penny Black
 used Kureatake's Pearl Colors
A great way to make an uplifting card is keeping the color palette simple and easy, using your knowledge of color and keeping it as simple as possible will really help. This card I was strategic, I knew I wanted the stars to stand out just a bit, so I glazed over them with other colors to give it a pop of color. It works great, and I enjoyed making it.

I also love when a style of a card shows through unexpectedly, What I mean, is this stencil is from Penny Black, and I just love it, I used a gold texture embossing paste and it was so pretty as a background I had to use it for something elegant, I didn't want to take away from the beauty, so I added a vellum panel and heat embossed this sentiment to add to the simple beauty of this card. What a beautiful wedding card this will make! For this card, I used the Penny black Faith Sentiment set again and PB's Vine stencil.
I would love to know what you think makes a good uplifting positive vibe card? Does humor take a part in it? (something I lack in my card designs!?)

Happy Creating, When creating positive and uplifting vibe cards, it gives me a lot of peace and joy that comes from the process of creating the card. Then when I send the card to a friend, I get that joy back from a phone call, or a text saying thank you for the card, (my joy comes from making the card and sending the card to a dear friend!)

Happy Creating!


  1. Really pretty cards! I especially like the first one with the watercolor stripes.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I love the star background stamp!

  2. Very Pretty. I love CAS cards. They are certain to brighten someone's day.


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