Why I am a Watercolor Mastery Student

Summer Grass (sold)
My first piece of art that was in a Gallery in Des Moines.this summer 

Get your watercolors ready, this is going to be a great journey! Angela Fehr is enrolling students to her Watercolor Mastery Class! It's a 6-week class to help watercolor artists become their favorite artist! I can't wait to be a student in her class!

My Top 5 reasons why I am taking this class:

My Loose Rose study from AF. Lovely Loose Floral class

1. I really at a crossroads with watercolor, I know more than enough techniques, that I can critique my own paintings, But I am not Loving my paintings as much as I was hoping for. I want to love what I paint, (more often than not)

2. I need a Creative distraction. Seriously, I am making drama in my family's life, when that drama needs to be on the page- Just Keeping it real for you guys! Thanks, Julia Cameron for that!

3. I feel like it's time for me to grow as an artist, and Angela is so authentic with her teaching that I feel comfortable stretching and growing my skills as she helps mentor her students, it's really a great feeling knowing she is there to help you! I have learned so many insights from her critiques and comments!

Single Rose study
4. I need a reason to paint. I have a painting in my mind, ALL THE TIME. But the fear and the reality of  "doing the work" get's in the way. I really want to change my mindset, and be more proactive when I am painting. I want to always be painting with confidence, and I know without a doubt this 6-week class will help with that.

5. I need some time to myself. I need to grow as an artist and I need that structured time for my self to learn, so in 2019 I can hit the ground running with my art. I know I need this time because I just got done with the Lovely Loose Floral class Angela did on Facebook, which was amazing! I missed that painting daily challenge, Opps- there's my confession, my paints are drying out and it makes me sad! 

If you were able to take a watercolor class to help with your skills, what class would you take, and why?

Paint with me, and Angela and the rest of her students, This is a gift you can give yourself to become your favorite artist, and I can't wait to see what creativity you, and I can come up with when working with watercolor! Her enrollment starts today and ends when the class is full, or when it starts. I missed out last time because I was to slow! I can't miss out again!  Go here for all the info you would need to get started! 

See you in Class!


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    1. It's amazing! I am loving the process and learning a buch! I am so glad I am taking this class!


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