Week one in Watercolor mastery with Angela Fehr

First Snow- Final for Week 1 in WC Mastery 

I needed a Creative distraction, and Week one of my Watercolor class helped me have that distraction that I hungered for.

Hungered to me is the right word, I was creatively starved. This class Angela has created meets you where you are as an artist! I felt like I was still in the newbie stage, where I knew all the techniques and the mindset of how to watercolor, but I was struggling to paint something more original.

This week was all about exploring your tools, and what you love about watercolor. I have so many ideas on how I want to develop my watercolor style! That I want to paint all day long.

Painting all day long is not an option for this busy stay at home mom with three kids! So taking Angela's Advice I spend a small amount of time in the morning (before breakfast) to paint for about 15 minutes. I can't believe how much creativity can come just from painting a little bit before the kiddo's wake up. then I start a small studio session once my youngest is in Pre-school. That is where I learn.

Then I try to find little bits during the day to "paint" doddle, created, learn, and read the suggested reading materials. By the way, the books are amazing! I can't wait to really dig in and do those exercises as well, to help with my style.

My Ahh Hah! moments that Angela taught, and finally sank in into my work:

my paintings in process

sketchbook play

The paper doesn't Owe you anything, play around with it, make mistakes, those mistakes often lead to those breaks through
!  I love my sketchbook for that! (but need a watercolor sketchbook for Plein air!

Do What you feel: That is where you will find your style! Then ask your self What do I want? Go with that feeling! 

And lastly: Use more Fresh Paint from the Tube! (I love the vibrancy and the intensity of the pigment straight out of the tube of watercolor!

My take away from week 1 Watercolor Mastery:
Learning to use the tools I already have, has made me want to do some mixed media pieces with watercolor, stencils, and gesso! I forgot how much fun it is to get my hands messy, and not worry too much about how loose and fluid my work is! I can't wait to play around with that!

Painting with colors that make you happy and help you convey the mood of the picture. I spent an afternoon outside with my Qorr Natural and Chroma Watercolor pallet, I was planning to paint what I saw, And I did, but when I was able to get to my "studio" (dining room table) I used all the vibrant colors that made my heart sing, using the knowledge of color theory, I was able to be happy with the color choices and that made my heart sing!

My Break Through this week: Color! I am loving the color choices and the way color can help make the mood of the painting yours! Watch for more dramatic uses in color in my paintings!

If you are learning watercolor, or want to learn how to watercolor, Angela has a ton of great content on her website. I have taken over 90% of her classes and love them all, they are a great resource for all artists!  Here is one of my favorite ones that started it all for me! Or try her free class for everyone! (it's worth watching!)

 Sketchbook play
 Happy Painting! Doubt Not, Fear Not!