painting Island LightHouse at night

Painting light may seem intimidating, but I have some tricks that will make it look like you are an artist!

My notes:

Watercolor is translucent, so if you put down yellow, then put down blue, you're going to get a muddy looking green in your sky. To avoid that, you need a bit of a small white buffer between your blue and your yellow.

To do that:

1. paint and let the yellow (light) dry first, remember you don't want a hard edge. you want the yellow to fade into the white of the paper. 

2. Once the light (yellow) is dry, add your night sky. I like to start farthest away from the light and move in. when you get to the light (yellow) make sure there are no hard lines, and make sure you are leaving just a bit of white so you don't accidentally over paint onto the yellow.

3. WALK AWAY! seriously, put that brush down, walk away, clean up your crafty mess, read to your child, make supper, find something to do to not touch or mess with it until it dries!

It really is that simple!

Materials used:
Hobby Lobby Watercolor 140 lb paper cut to 5.5x4.25

Blue Knight Rubberstamps Island Lighthouse
Prima Watercolor Decadent Pie Pallet
Size 6 round simply Simmon brush

Happy Painting!

I learned how to paint light in Angela Fehr's Sky clinic class, I learned so much about how to paint light (the sun)

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