Taylored Expression watercolor Blooming background

Hello Watercolor card friends!

I am so excited to share with you some of the ways I use watercolor!

Some note on wet into wet watercolor

1. It does not stay in the lines. It's okay for it to bleed, that is what a wet into wet painting should look like, which leads into:

2. Let the pigment blend on the paper. If you're asking what does that even mean, you're on the right path. what I mean is that when you let the natural colors blend together you get an organic effect that you can't "reproduce".

3. using a resist (I like using heat embossing) helps me contain the watercolor. Meaning it contains the color to the shape so you as the artist don't have to worry too much if a color is bleeding out.

Finally... This Birthday card is going to Taylored Expressions studio for their card donation "wall"