Resting Fox with Blue Knight Stamps

Thank you for participating in Blue Knight Rubber Stamps first ever blog hop!
A special thank you to all of our designers who made such beautiful cards!
Now... the winners are...
Ionabunny and Thankful Grandma!
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On a different note, what a week! and yet we still have more new stamps that we are equally excited about. This one is one of my favorite stamps, I love the expression of this fox, and I love that the fox is cute in a realistic way! It was so fun to play around and see how to color this, I am using Prima Marketing watercolor (Decadent pallet) and using watercolor values (darks and lights to make the fox stand out a bit!)

I love when a beautiful stamp can make a card easy to paint and it's so fun to play with the colors!

In this video, I talk a bit about Value, and why I chose to make the fox lighter than the tree. Watch the video to understand my thought process, and let me know what you think, do you like that the fox is a bit lighter than the tree?

If you are not familiar with Blue Knight Stamps (the stamp I am using with this adorable fox) You are not the only one. Blue Knight Rubber Stamps is a new company that has amazing beautiful scenic and realistic stamps that I find very endearing!

~ Happy painting and creating!~
Lisa Christensen