Fresh Florals and Butterfly Wreaths: How To create a wreath card with stamps you have!

Fresh Floral Stamp from Taylored Expressions

Fresh Floral Stamp from Taylored Expressions
I have been holding back publishing this post for a while. I found out a way to make a Wreath Builder without using a stencil, It's cheap and an easy way to create beautiful cards in no time. I Also find it very therapeutic! Please note, that it is not my intention to make anyone upset. On the Flip side, I am sharing creativity too inspire a simple way I make a wreath with Radial stamping. It goes back to the Radial Stamping technique, that we did long ago with pencil lines and sheer creativity! (before we had the Misti!)

SO... Here is a tutorial on how I started and got the Radial stamping technique to work. (This is something other stampers have done (this isn't a new technique, I remember being taught this in Highschool (20 years ago)) You will see from my video that I am not a perfectionist. (hence the reason I don't feel like I need a stencil to do this technique.)

If you want to see one done with Butterflies:

Fresh Floral Stamp from Taylored Expressions
I Mentioned in my tutorials that most stamps will work, A good rule of thumb is to use a small flower and leaf stamp. Taylored Expressions has so many great ones for all seasons, that would work great as a Birthday, Thinking of you and even a wedding card, you just have to add the right sentiment. 

Fresh Floral Stamp from Taylored Expressions
I would love to know your thoughts. I don't want to take any business away from Gina K, that is absolutely not my goal, in fact, I think if you try this technique out first, you may end up buying the Wreath Builder because it's a pretty Awesome process!
Stamps I used:
I was inspired to do Radial Stamping from this Craftsy Class: Radiant Stamping (She called it Kalidascope stamping.) but same idea!
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  1. Great share! I got the templates, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with making your own! These are fun stamps to use with it.

  2. such pretty cards...ready for Spring.
    :) Karen


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