Scene Building with Blue Knight Stamps

I found a way to stamp scenes with Blue Knight Rubber Stamps. 

I love the idea of building scenes with stamps These two scenes are fairly simple to stamp. 

For the Farm and peaceful lake scene, I used the Bank Barn (one of my favorites) with Peacefull Lake (also a favorite of mine!) 

For the beach house scene, I used the Beach and then next to the beach I used the country home. (it worked out great! )

I thought I would show you my work before I added watercolor to it.  I did have some mess ups, that's why I used my mixed media sketchbook to "play" I was really hoping that my idea of building a scene would work, it did! (maybe I will get some hot press watercolor paper and make this more of a polished piece of art for my house!)

Stamping notes and tips to help you be able to Build a scene:

  1. YOU GET ONE SHOT. So it's important to know where your horizon line is. (I had 6 pages of mess ups, but once I figured it out it was easy to stamp the second scene. It was a matter of matching up, I even had a pencil line to where I wanted the stamp to be at when I was ready to stamp it.  
  2. Perspective is everything! make sure your stamps are on the same perspective plain. (I had some stamps that  I thought would work, but the trees were not the right perspective, or the cabin was not the right perspective. So keep that in mind when you are wanting to build a scene. 
  3. you need space! I used a 9x12 mixed media sketchbook. Although I used all 12 inches, it's a panoramic type of painting, so keep that in mind when you are stamping. 
  4. Don't use cold press watercolor paper. YOU will want HOT PRESS watercolor paper. the less tooth, or texture you will be stamping on the better your stamped image will be, because you only get one shot at this unless you have a 12x12 misti to stamp on. When I stamped in my sketchbook, I used an acrylic block to stamp with.  
So if you like to create works of art for your walls this may be a great way to paint in your style! I had so much fun painting these scenes.

Want to learn more about Watercolor? I have some great ways to learn:

If you want to start your watercolor journey I recommend her free class: WaterColor Jumpstart a 4-week course. It's free and I visit it often to learn the basics. 
If you want to continue your Watercolor Journey, Angela has her watercolor mastery class open to take, I recommend it if you want to take your watercolor to the next level, she is amazing at helping her students become their favorite artist!

And I also use CreativeBug and to learn from other watercolorists and artists to help me hone in on my painting style. I enjoy the talent they have on this site. Angela Fehr has a class on this website, and so does Kateri Ewig (which I am so stoked to be taking one of her in-person workshops this may!) Thanks Iowa Watercolor Society for bringing such amazing talent to our region! Also lots of textile and baking and cooking classes that are just really good to learn from! I love this as a stay at home mom, I own a lot of cooking classes from this website as well.

3. If you like having a creative outlet and you're not sure what your style is, this is a great place to be! They have artists that are willing to teach their style and how they do things in a very down to earth atmosphere. I like this site a lot for quick tips and tricks on how to start a new skill. Some of my favorite artists that have appeared on Creativebug is Lisa Congdon, Lia Griffin, Lisa Solomon, Pam Garrison, Get Messy Art Journaling. (this is a great place to learn Art Journaling!) I can't say enough good things about this, but I love their daily Practice lessons, especially during inktober (October) They brought in Lisa Congdon to do a lesson a day during October and you can paint along, or learn from her, it really is a great resource to learn from!
One Year Unlimited Subscription for $49 

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