Just Sentiments: Spring Floral Birthday

Sometimes when I paint, I keep it simple, and that makes me happy, both of these cards were from some studies that I painted a while ago before I found my style (which is just fine.) Styles evolve right?  After going through my stash of paintings I found these two paintings that caught my eyes.
The sentiments I used are ones that I myself designed (I am so lucky and blessed to have designed some sentiments for Blue Knight Rubber Stamps.)  I used these ones because I wanted a more sophisticated look, You know me, I love an elegant look to my cards! I love using my studies to turn into cards because all you need is a good sentiment (you can find them everywhere!)

anyways, I would like to challenge you, if you have some watercolor studies that you have been holding on too, make them into cards and give them to your friends! You will make someone smile with your art! 


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