Just Sentiments: Tulips, Friendship and mother's day card

My favorite spring flower is tulips. They are magical to me, I absolutely love tulips! So when I paint tulips I put my heart into the painting a little bit more than usual! As I was developing my style to paint tulips, I used a lot of paper to get it right. So with some of the good ones I used as card panels!                                                                                                                                                The sentiment is from Blue Knight Stamps, Designed by my friend Chris. (she has a great blog)  I also loved creating the group of tulips on your left, I took a picture of a group of tulips when I was in Pella IA, illustrated it using graphite paper and then copying that onto watercolor paper, and then painting the tulips in complementary colors!  ~ I really like a pen and ink look! I didn't use a sentiment for that card because it works perfectly as a stand-alone card! (I will use this for a mother's day card I think!)  

Do you have a flower that you love? I would love to see how you stylized it to make that flower yours! 

these cards were loosely adapted by the Lovely Loose Floral class Angela Fehr teaches.