Watercolor Basic Class on MyBluePrint.com and my watercolor insights

I want to declare to the watercolor world, that I have found my style. I found it by doing the warm-ups, playing around with the basic techniques, and by painting how I feel.

It's funny when you take a step back and see how much growth you have made since you started painting It gives you a sense of peace and happiness!

I would consider me to be at a crossroads with my paintings. (I know I can be dramatic and I say this every so often.) I know how to use the techniques in Watercolor to my advantage, but I am still learning how to paint the way I see it in my mind, and even then there are those moments when I try to let the painting tell me what it needs, not the other way around. That can be a very intuitive and amazing process.

While I was thinking what all I wanted to paint, and do, I came across the fact that one of my favorite Watercolor teachers that helped me in my early first year of painting Kateri Ewing is going to be in our town for a watercolor workshop! I love her style and love her ability to paint the way she does. So after signing up for her workshop, I realized that I wanted to soak in all that she as to teach, so I went and bought a year subscription to MyBluePrint.com and was on my way to prepare my self for her three-day workshop!

What I learned is that What works for some doesn't always work for all, Especially with color, I don't like using a limited pallet like I thought I would. Yes, I can mix color, and yes I can get the right shade, but I have been using the same pallet of paint for 2 years now and it's like well-worn pair of jeans as Kateri would say, It fits just right. My colors fit me. and I like using colors that have more paint properties than just a limited pallet.

I have learned for my self how much fun it is to paint one subject more than once. Painting in a realistic manner helps you learn your subject so when you want to paint loosely you know how and where you want the looseness to be at.

I wanted to say Thank you for MyBluePrint, and Kateri, her startup library class on watercolor was a great class, I learned that painting realistic and using masking fluid really help you to become a looser painter!

The pictures in this blog post are paintings I painted from her class in MyBluePrint.com!