3 simple ways I have helped myself become more mindful and positive through painting.

Mindfulness and mental wellbeing are so important to an Artist's development. I am again amazed at how a simple daily habit of painting or creating has helped me be more mindful, happier and calmer. Call it Art therapy, (really that is what it is)

My simple story:

While driving home from Speach for my son, and thinking about all the things I have going on the next week, my mind was turned to my Daughter's recital coming up. I get to be the Backstage mom again. I was reminded about how when I helped the professional ballet dancers at my daughter's dance studio how they were extremely particular what they ate. providing meals for them was a tricky but fun challenge. Which got me thinking, like a professional dancer or athlete, or even an actor/actress. They are very much aware of the food they intake because it does affect their performance. It's not a ton different with visual artists and the images and thoughts they have and process.

It's my objective in this blog post is to encourage Positive thinking and mindfulness.

What we take into our brains effect us on paper.

When I related to how ballerina's and professional athletes take much consideration as to what they eat, I thought it's not so different than what images, and thoughts I take in, and how I process them.

If I want my art to be beautiful, and cheerful, then that is what I should take in. I look at all the ways my heart can be uplifted and feel gratitude for what I have.

So here are some of the ways that Mindfulness and positive thinking have helped me create beautiful cards and paintings.

~ Walking. Yes, Julia Cameron in her book Walking in this World has helped me understand the real purpose of walking. It's to keep your thoughts moving, keeping your body moving, your mind growing so your thoughts have a place to go. On my walks, I almost treat it as a sacred event. I try to not talk on the phone, or even listen to music. I simply walk. Walk to clear my mind, walk to process something, walk to get to the other side of a problem. walking helps me process what I want to paint, and how I feel about it. 

~ Being present in your art. I think I was drawn to watercolor because you don't just put paint down on the paper, Jean Haines mentions in her book:  Paint your self Calm to be in the moment, don't think about anything else but how the water is reacting to the pigment. I have had countless times where all I could do is just play with color and water and to see what happens because I needed to be mindful and to get out of the muck my thoughts were creating. I often will do this when I need to paint to get to the other side of my feelings. It works wonderfully! Mindfulness and being present in the moment is a powerful tool when used correctly! 

~Paint with real intent for someone. Lately, I have had opportunities to paint and to give that painting to someone else. it started at the beginning of this year, I donated a piece of Art to the Blank Park Zoo. I needed to paint how I felt about a tricky, icky situation. it came out beautiful in my art. I was so elated how it turned out, I took Angela's advice to paint how I feel. Later that month, I painted a bird and a floral for my Grandma, who lost her husband (my Grandpa) I again painted how I felt, and then the painting was simply done. With tears streaming down my face while painting I realized how mindfulness and intuitive painting can really help you feel peace. 

I was encouraged this past week from Kateri Ewing, Who's workshop I went to, to, was to paint one intuitive painting for someone, and give it to that person. Sometimes she knows who she is painting for, other times she just starts and decided later who she will mail the painting too. She said it was two-fold, the receiver gets joy from getting a piece of your work, and you get joy in the creation of that simple intuitive painting. (intuitive painting helps you get into the artist's brain) Intuitive studies can be whatever you want them to be to get into the artist's mindset.

After doing this for a week now. Here are some of my thoughts:
1. My paintings have a ton more meaning. I gave two of my floral studies that I am working on to the teachers that have helped my children this year, and they were so grateful for them. Other's were completely taken aback, thinking they didn't deserve my art, (which I am thinking, It's Just me painting, nothing too much. right?) But it brought me joy, and the crazy thing is:  I didn't expect was, I now have a reason to paint every day! EVERY DAY! I haven't had that kind of motivation in a very long time. It's almost like a challenge! By sharing my "gift" which I use loosely because I think anyone can paint if they are passionate about it. Anyways BY sharing my talent, or passion I am sharing creativity and giving back creativity to share to the world. I am motivated by other's to produce more intuitive, heartfelt paintings. Because when I am painting for someone that needs a smile, I am feeling more than just the joy of painting for me, I am feeling the tender mercy's the Lord has given to my circle of friends and family, and it's as if my paintings are saying, I love you, and you are important to me in my life! What amazing gift creativity brings with it! 

3 simple ways I have helped myself become more mindful and positive through painting.


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