Masculine Card- Little Blue Truck

Do you have boys in your home? If so, it's not hard to come up with some easy Father's day cards. Now, I know most mothers my age are doing monster father's day cards, which I may do as a tag for the presents, there is still time right?

Anyways Inspiration for this card came from the Little Blue Truck book, I have read this every night for two years straight. it's near and dear to my heart, has a lovely moral to it, and is just fun to read to my little guy.

The stamps set is perfect for this card, it has three sizes of the same truck. Perfect for making a stamped background and then having a focal point to color, and to have a cohesive look. An easy way to not have to think about a layout! (perfect for me, since my brain energy is taken up by a million and one questions from my very inquisitive son.)

While I had my inks out for the other card I just posted, I thought let's do this card with inks too. So I used Blue Jeans and walnut stain (re-inker) to watercolor the truck, and then used black soot to make the page look worn, and old.

For the background, I used the medium size truck stamp and stamped it multiple times in the blue jeans blue ink then waited for the ink to dry, then lightly blended the same blue on the panel, then I went in with brown and black to give it some darkness (I wanted the Blue Truck to be the focal point here.)

If you want a tutorial for this I would be happy to make one, just comment below and tell me what your favorite little boy book is, I am always needing a new book to read to my boys!


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    1. Thank you, you can use this for so many stampsets, its a great "tool" to have when creating a simple masculine card!


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