Painting Spring wild Violets

Don't' laugh too much, yes a painting of 3 colors need all those colors (not really) but I am in love with watercolor, sometimes it's nice to have these pallets ready to paint with. (I took over my dining room table for a couple days... Sorry kids, you get to eat at the counter!)

Later in this week, I was surprised to find wild violets on my walk by the railroad tracks by my house.! I had to pick some and bring them back home to study and paint. 

I started with a simple mark making bouquets and enjoyed it, I think this one, with just the brush strokes, will make a beautiful card for someone. 
I then got out my Atmospheric watercolor book and was able to get some inspiration from Jean Haines on how she painted flowers.
I painted a couple different styles of these violets wildflowers and came to the point that painting to express myself and the nature of these violets, or the essence of the flowers is really where my heart is. and that is when I came up with this painting, and I love it! 
I love having a subject that makes my heart happy, and to paint it all week long, It was a great couple day of painting to learn how I would paint these, and now, it's in my toolbox of techniques that I can come back too.