seeking my joy in watercolor

Mother Daughter 9x12

 I told myself two days ago, how I am not ever going to get good enough to get into a juried show, the last two summers I have tried, (recommended by friends and family)


I just found out that my artwork didn't get accepted into a Juried Show, and I felt like as a stay at home mom/artist, that the only thing I am truly good at is only doing dishes and laundry! funny now, but as the tears of a broken heart came flooding onto my morning pages, I felt so sad!

So I took a morning to make truffles, and play with paper, but it still didn't fill me up with the joy I was seeking. It did help me process the heartbreak, but it didn't fill me up with joy like I was hoping it would. Does that mean Watercolor is my passion? Yes! without a doubt Yes!

Shine Bright, 8x10.
I may not ever be in a juried show, and I am all right with that. I don't think Van Gough or Grant Wood was like, I am painting this masterpiece because I want to be in a juried show. That is not how Creativity works.

No, I Believe that creativity, pure-raw- god given creativity comes when you feel it. You feel like I just have to show the world how I would play, paint, dance, sing because it's so beautiful, inspiring and perfect that someone has to share it.

That is watercolor for me. I see colors, and shapes, and I think this needs to be preserved, It' so beautiful I want to paint it, and only I can make it work.

So I have two pieces I was hoping that would make it into a show, I guess I will frame it and look at it every day and remind myself that I had fun painting these and that is what really mattered.

It does feel good to get this out into a blog post.

Blue Bird, (working on my style with help from Kateri Ewing)
Going forward I will paint the way I want to paint, and if that means no juried shows, then I am all right with that, at least I am painting for my joy, and for the process that creativity brings with it!

Watch out because Here I come, dancing on to the beat of my drum!

So there you go, I am learning what creativity is all about!

I would love to know how you process creative heartbreaks, do you do artist's dates? do you have to cut up paper because it makes you feel better playing with color and pattern?

Have you had your epiphany of how you do things and don't care about what others may say because you have your own way of doing things?

No? just me? I hope not, let's see where all this leads! I feel like every time I dip my brush into my curated pallet that Only I have made, makes me feel like I own my creativity, and that creative high is always there for me! (I know I am a tad bit crazy!)


  1. This is beautiful, Lisa! And your work is beautiful! You have shared your talent and knowledge and for that I am grateful. Love your heart!❤️

    1. Thank you, Sometimes, I feel like I have it all figured out, and then life happens and I am like, what! lol. I will be all right, Im dusting off the dirt and getting back on my feet, stronger than before!

  2. I don't understand why your paintings didn't get into a juried show, Lisa, because I look to you for watercolor inspiration. I watercolor because it soothes me. As an older, retired person, I'm all about relaxing and doing what gives me joy. Going with the Spirit moving me and creating cards to send gives me joy. And seeing other artists beautiful works inspires me and gives me joy to just look. Your daffodil is beautiful. I struggle with getting daffodils to look like flowers even starting with a stamp. I look forward to many more of your beautiful works!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I think painting for the Joy of it is so important, there was a couple days last week when I seriously thought, this isn't for me, and then I painted and said, there is no way I can just "give this up" Daffidils are hard, the dafadil that I painted I worked on the concept for a month (april) and I am still working on another concept, but it's crazy how you don't see the whole process when it comes to cretivity! I will post the way I painted the dafidil soon, but it may not be for a while, My kids are keeping me busy this summer! One of my tips, is that it needs to be fresh, so be confident in your brush strokes. Thanks again for the kind words!

  3. Usually takes me a good week to get over it. But, I think I've got it down to a couple of days, now. I gets easier. I think. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

    1. Thank you, I just saw your comments, Its been a crazy week of trips to the Nelson Atkins, and trying to not die from allergies! Thank you for the encouragement, I am learning that it's just one or two artist's opionion. Thanks for the insight!


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