Summer Fun

Blogging is a very intuitive practice. I seem to have left out that I am a Stay at Home Mom. So during the summer, I sketch, and "play" I work on my technique in watercolor and then paint outside often.

The flip side to summer is that I have 3 kids that I love. We are at the zoo, Science Center, and our local small amusement park. Summer is full of happy and fun memories.

My outlook on this blog is that I am sharing with the world my journey into watercolor and paper crafting as a Mother, and hope that it helps others become creative and that the creativity empowers others to create a bit more Joy in their life!

So because I do feel like this creative process is all about living in the moment and creating beautiful memories, I wanted to share some of my pictures I have taken over the summer. I hope that once school starts I can post once or twice a week. Because my youngest is going into kindergarten. It's bittersweet for me, I have been home with a child all day for 10 years! So it's going to feel so different in less than 5 weeks.  I don't want this summer to get away without my children knowing  My husband and I gave them one of the best summers. I do think creatives are a special- special, only because I can be excentric most days.

So My question to you, is What are you doing this summer to stay creative? Sometimes I think just playing around and giving your children your world is filling our hearts with pure imagination.

Adventureland fun

I am growing a mermaid. #FinFun

How doesn't like selfies with Giraffes? Love Blank Park Zoo!

Riding the new Phenix ride at Adventureland! 

Workshop I was at with the DSM Public Library

Painting at the library is a thing right?

Teaching my children how messy making Truffles can be!

We were able to visit HalMark's Visitor Center! Worth it for sure!

My daughter's favorite Sirius XM channel: The Beatles.

Best Summer movie! We cried at the end, it was so Sappy!

American Gothic is just a small day trip away...


  1. Great photos! Glad you are having a nice summer! I usually am able to still do a fair amount of crafting in the summers but this year we seem busier. There is still a lot of time left and we plan to do some family kayaking. I am doing a bit more organizing of craft supplies this summer, so maybe that is why I don’t feel like I am actually getting crafting done.

    1. Oh time flies by doesn't it! I relish this time with my kids, and want to create, but I also want to spend time with my kiddo's! Life as a Sahm is a lot of work! I hope you are able to get some extra organziation done. I just organzied my basement for my make-shift studio until I can get something a bit more manageable! Have a wonderful summer!


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