Watercolor vs Copic- a Friendly Discussion

I am a watercolor lover. I love how the pigment wooshes with the water on the paper, I love seeing the pigments mix and blend on the paper, its a surprise and I love when it works out beautiful without too much caressing. Every time I play with watercolor I feel like I am bringing into my life peace, the kind that makes me giddy, so I have to share it!

I love stamps that will share all the beautiful properties that watercolor can do. This stamped image for a card was perfect for watercolor!
one of my favorite ways to play with watercolor! 
I used Qor Watercolor, and love the simplicity that watercolor brings, I love how the watercolor gives an atmospheric look to it, and that you don't have to fuss too much to make this watercolor card panel look beautiful!

I have a good friend that loves to color with Copic Markers, Chris over at Purple Lake Stamps and I got together and thought we would share our completely different styles with you! She is coloring this stamp with Copics and will explain why she loves Copic Markers, on the flip side, I am sharing why I love watercolor!

Go to Chris's blog to see why she loves Copic Markers and a video tutorial that will show you how she colored the Stamp with Copics. One Stamp, two different styles.

So I would love to know, do you color with both? I have used both, I am drawn to watercolor for all the amazing effects you can achieve with it.

Do you love watercolor for the same reason?
Why do you like Copics? (I am sure I am missing something about why Copics are so amazing. I am just not buying it.)

I love this class, Highly recommended!
I would love to know your insights, leave a comment below, and if you are new to Watercolor, follow me on Facebook, or follow me on my blog, I post lots of great resources for beginners!

On another thought, I love using Mixed Media paper and Archival ink to stamp images for card panels. So if you are new to watercolor cards, get a good pad of Mixed Media paper and some Archival ink and you will be set!

Looking to learn more about watercolor? I have lots of great tutorials and resources:

CreativeBug has some wonderful watercolor artists that offer classes

I love Craftsy or Bluprint, they have wonderful watercolor classes that fit your interest!

Angela Fehr has a wonderful class that I have mentioned above, click here for the class. This is my favorite class for watercolor cards.

BlickArts has a great deal on watercolor and free shipping when you spend $35 (just in time for back too school)

Free shipping on orders of $35 or more.  Exclusions apply.


  1. Awesome job! It is neat to see how you looked at the stamp. What a fun experience! Thank you for collaborating.

    1. Thankyou, it's fun to see how when you use diffrent mediums you can get a completly diffrent look! Love this colaboration!

  2. I love both of your creations; tfs! Suetta

    1. Oh thank you so much!Thanks for stopping by!


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