Share more than just Kindness

When sharing your cards with others do you get a sense of what you are really doing? it's 2 fold joy! 

Here are my insights: when we share kindness through a card it's so much more than just a card:

Kindness matters so much in our world. I am so happy to have this stamp from Taylored Expressions. Sentiments are so much more than just the words, The typography is perfect for this card.

Crafting a simple and sweet card to give to someone that has helped you is the essence of card making, the thought that came back to me often when making these card and other cards like it is, it is a wonderful world where I can show my gratitude for someone by using my talents to brighten up someone's day just by sending a card to them, It's as if  the universe is yelling at you- use your creativity to brighten up someone else's day! I love it! 

I used Taylored Expressions' Plant KIndness stamp- I fell in love with it as soon as it was released and had to buy it!

I used my Silhouette PixScan to cut the kindness and banner out- crazy easy how that works look into it if you haven't. I make cards so much faster now that I have PixScan!

Let's talk about paper for a sec.

I used paper that I got in 2012. Yep, it was time to use it up. I am done hoarding paper. It seems like I want tons of paper but only uses a little bit, Does that sound like you too?

 Now if the paper "speaks" to me and I can find a simple way to use it up, it's cut before I can have doubts about cutting it up.  Easier said than done!

Prep work is worth its weight in gold

Here is a great tutorial for you on how this lady cuts her paper up before she starts to use it. I love it. I got this idea from a Stamping up demonstrator- a dear friend that says every time she gets a new package of designer paper she cuts it up into usable pieces. Since I have started cutting up my paper into more usable pieces I am so surprised at how much faster the process of making cards have been for me! Prep work is worth its weight in gold!

For me, it's two-fold when using up a pack of designer paper- I am able to use it for what I really want to use it for- (Cards) and... I get to see the paper as it is for designing purposes, all the while I am saving myself lots of time by not second-guessing which piece of precious paper I might use up. if it's cut, it's done, right? hah! No more thinking about if I should or shouldn't cut it up!

I took a stack of paper that I recently cut up from My Minds Eye I had 6 years ago. and started to play with pattern paper and backgrounds. I came up with a simple way of making banners and adding my stamped embellishment to the paper panel that will become my card.

If you want to learn how to use pattern paper like a pro I totally recommend this class from MyBluPrint.

Asking What if? Is really like saying to yourself  I am ready to push my limits just a bit further.

I was hesitant to cut all my beautiful paper up to start with. I really want to create with it... What if... Asking What if is really like saying to yourself  I am ready to push my limits just a bit further. So what if my paper gets cut? It's not like your paper owes you anything right? It's meant to be used even if you don't love what came from it.

I am so happy I cut it up and used it! These cards are going to be perfect to send to friends that brighten up my day!

What have you done that changed the way you have been making cards? I would love to know! this is just one of many ways I have learned to use prep work to make my workflow easier!

I am sharing these cards over at Fusion Card Challenge- it's all about Kindness cards!


  1. Hello, my name is Chris and I'm a paper hoarder. I'm proud of you for using paper. The card is beautiful. Now I need to add one more thing to my wishlist from TE.

  2. Hi Lisa! I love your willingness to try new things! And I love your love of paper cards! I think they’re so important.... it’s hard to imagine a world where we are without all handwritten artifacts of love and good wishes, and signatures!!!!


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