Fall and Winter paintings public viewing in Grimes Iowa

Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year to paint. I love all the colors that happen in the fall, a beautiful simple landscape in the fall makes my heart happy!

I am so excited to get some of my paintings up in Letsch Lawfirm in Grimes Iowa. 

Winter's light

These paintings fell off my brush during a time when my soul was a bit troubled and unsettled, can you feel that when viewing these paintings? Although I was grateful to put what I felt into a painting, I was happy at how simple the emotions came out. 

Winter's blessings

I named these pieces after the fruits of my emotions, Winter's light is all about seeing things in a more positive light and different more deeper perspective. and Winter's blessings is all about the adversities we have to get the blessings from those adversities.

You can view these paintings Starting September 30th With an artist's reception on the 25th of October at Letsch Law Firm. 

I used professional Daniel Smith Primatek and Qorr watercolors for these three paintings on Arches 140lb paper.