I am doing a new watercolor series, called Scatter Sunshine. (soul painting, intuitive painting) call it what you want!

I named it after a hymn that I love, and how I felt the first time I painted for the pure joy of it in a long time and then to send that to a friend. I had a wonderful spirit about me the whole day and it made my soul happy!

Really it's an intuitive practice, there is no self-criticism when I am done painting, there is no what can I learn from it, it's just art, the process of putting paint onto paper and seeing what happens.

 There are so many ways to paint and to create, I needed to re-focus on my Why I am painting instead of just painting to learn. (it's been three years since I picked up a brush and I need to feel like I am playing now more than learning.)

I feel like half the battle in learning watercolor is in the time and practice in just learning. So I will be Scattering Sunshine to those that need a little art and creativity in their life!
Because at the end of the day...

Creativity is meant to be shared.

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When it comes right down to it, Life is too short for me to keep my playful studies of watercolors! It would be nice to brighten someone else's day. Who knows if you leave me a comment on my social media channels you might get a watercolor from me!

I can't give all the credit to myself, Kateri, has helped me see the joy of painting is just to paint, and it's so addictive! Check out her lessons on her youtube channel.