WaterColor Mastery Week on Value

I am in my second week of Watercolor Master fall 2019 and we are dealing with values. I have lots of great photo's and I am grateful for the class. When I took WC Master last year at this time, I was not as confident as I am now. Now I am willing to make more mistakes because I have realized that Mistakes are proof that I am learning.  This week was fun, I loved the photo, and I am grateful for the way I went about painting, it helped me work on just the value aspect of the painting, and that made the painting much stronger as a whole!

Here is how I got to my final project for the week.

Notans from my reference photos- a warm-up

Value study of the photo for class

I did end up tracing the crocuses and transferring that onto my wc paper. 

My first wash layered

while painting, I like to paint a second one, both were done at the same time, when one was drying I would paint the other.

I am still working on painting 100 trees by the end of the year, I have about 50 done so far. Here are some that I have enjoyed looking at over the past week.

I call them Tree Studies, and they are warm-ups. These also are what I called my Scatter Sunshine pieces, I paint them with no real purpose except to paint to feel joy and to get me into the right mindset. Once I am done with them I make them into cards, or a little note and give it to someone to brighten their day. So that is what my warm-ups are all about these days!