Taylored Expressions Designer Dangles with fabric and ribbon

A couple friends and I spend this last Saturday afternoon making earrings- I know right?!!!!  My amazing friend Jk showed me how she used Christmas ribbon to make some festive earrings, and then she said that she went out and bought some fabric-  AND the  WHOLE WIDE WORLD OF PATTERNS CAME ALIVE IN OUR MINDS!

So after playing and coming up with all the crazy combos that we could come up with we thought we needed to share the Love. So in this video, I have three examples of what we use to make earrings out of.  Fabric, and ribbon!

This is a huge game-changer, and I am totally getting some Disney fabric next time I am at the fabric store- which seems much more often now!

I would love to know if you have made these earrings? if so what material are you wanting to try?